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Rolls-Royce 100x'ed the Speed of Engineering Processes


Rolls-Royce creates cutting-edge technologies to deliver efficient and competitive solutions to meet the planet's vital power needs. The aerospace team develops airplane engines to transport people safely and as cleanly as possible.

The team is taking innovative steps to transform and adapt to new and emerging challenges such as sustainability, digitalization, and space exploration.


  • Manual data handling processes were too slow

  • Rolls-Royce had no centralized training program


  • Partnered with DataCamp to create custom learning paths for all skill levels and roles, including Python for engineers and a data literacy path


  • 1,500+ hours spent learning

  • 100x’ed the speed of their data handling processes  

  • Launched a data program for technical & non-technical roles

In partnership with DataCamp, Rolls-Royce delivered a digital technology training program to technical and non-technical roles to increase data literacy and the adoption of Power BI throughout the organization. In addition, through the Python upskilling program, Rolls-Royce’s engineering team could automate and speed up manual processes by a factor of 100—freeing them up to work on more valuable initiatives. 

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