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Simplifying Image Recognition using ApertureDB and Python

In this session, you'll use ApertureDB to access the COCO dataset and run image recognition using Python.
nov 2023
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Advances in deep learning and database infrastructure have allowed the analysis of images and videos to become mainstream. Image recognition is one of the most important tasks in computer vision. In this session, you'll use ApertureDB to access the COCO dataset and run image recognition using Python.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to use image data stored in ApertureDB.
  • Learn how to perform image recognition.
  • Learn about workflows for image and video data.

Addtional Resources

ApertureDB docs, for further learning

[WEBINAR] AI for Visual Data: Computer Vision in Business (with Vishakha Gupta, CEO of ApertureData)

[COURSE] Image Processing in Python

[TUTORIAL] What is Image Recognition?



Face Detection with Python using OpenCV

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Natassha Selvaraj

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OpenCV Tutorial: Unlock the Power of Visual Data Processing

This article provides a comprehensive guide on utilizing the OpenCV library for image and video processing within a Python environment. We dive into the wide range of image processing functionalities OpenCV offers, from basic techniques to more advanced applications.
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Image Classification with Hugging Face

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Priyanka Asnani

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Using Open Source AI Models with Hugging Face

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Alara Dirik

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Generating Photorealistic Images using AI with Diffusers in Python

In this live training, you'll learn about state-of-the-art diffusion models and how to generate photorealistic images using Python.
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Sayak Paul

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Full Stack Data Engineering with Python

In this session, you'll see a full data workflow using some LIGO gravitational wave data (no physics knowledge required). You'll see how to work with HDF5 files, clean and analyze time series data, and visualize the results.
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Blenda Guedes

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