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Building Multimodal AI Applications with LangChain & the OpenAI API

Combine the power of text and audio AI models to build a bot that answers questions about YouTube videos.
Oct 2023
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Generative AI makes it easy to move beyond simply working with text: other media like audio and images can now be easily analyzed or generated. In this code-along, you'll learn how to transcribe YouTube video content with the Whisper speech-to-text AI and then use GPT to ask questions about the content.



How to Build LLM Applications with LangChain Tutorial

Explore the untapped potential of Large Language Models with LangChain, an open-source Python framework for building advanced AI applications.
Moez Ali's photo

Moez Ali

12 min


Building Context-Aware Chatbots: Leveraging LangChain Framework for ChatGPT

Explore how to build context-aware chatbots using the ChatGPT and LangChain framework.
Andrea Valenzuela's photo

Andrea Valenzuela

15 min


Building AI Applications with LangChain and GPT

In the live training, you'll use LangChain to build a simple AI application, including preparing and indexing data, prompting the AI, and generating responses.
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Emmanuel Pire


Using AI to Enhance Product Pages with LangChain and Python

In this webinar, you'll learn how to use generative AI tools, including LangChain, to make better retail product pages.
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Jikku Jose


Introduction to Large Language Models with GPT & LangChain

Learn the fundamentals of working with large language models and build a bot that analyzes data.
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Richie Cotton


Chat with Your Documents Using GPT & LangChain

In this code-along, Andrea Valenzuela, Computing Engineer at CERN, and Josep Ferrer Sanchez, Data Scientist at the Catalan Tourist Board, will walk you through building an AI system that can query your documents & data using LangChain & the OpenAI API.
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Andrea Valenzuela

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