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Data Visualization

Dashboard Design Best Practices in Tableau

In this live Tableau training, you'll leverage the right tools to design reports. Using a video game dataset, you will learn how to customize charts, use themes, and some best practices when working on data visualizations.
Carl Rosseel's photo

Carl Rosseel

May 30, 2023

Data Analysis

Dashboard Design in Tableau

Learn about Dashboard Design in Tableau - Hosted by Conor Oliver
Conor Oliver's photo

Conor Oliver

March 23, 2023

Data Analysis

Where is Will? Exploring Cell Phone Data in Tableau

Using real-world cell phone data, we extract useful & interesting insights
Maarten Van den Broeck's photo

Maarten Van den Broeck

August 8, 2022

Data Analysis

Visualizing Cost Savings in Tableau

Build dashboards in Tableau, and add interactive elements to explore datasets.
Conor Oliver's photo

Conor Oliver

July 29, 2022