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DataCamp Accessibility

DataCamp is committed to serving the needs of its users by making its platform accessible for everyone.

Our commitment to accessibility

DataCamp is constantly working to improve the learning experience for all users. As technology evolves, we are learning and growing, and we’re committed to making accessibility one of the pillars of our software development process. We’re always open to feedback and would love to hear from you how we can make our products even better.

As part of our commitment, we continuously audit our products using assistive technology like screen reading software. We've embraced digital inclusion, adopting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) V2.1 Level AA in the design and development of our products.

Assistive Technology

The DataCamp platform is tested using a variety of browsers, screen sizes and supports screen readers. We recommend usage of the following browsers (current and previous major releases):

We recommend usage of the following screen readers:

Raising Accessibility Issues:

If you encounter an issue with one of our products, please contact support here