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Why You Should Become a DataCamp Instructor

Teach data science and analytics to millions of learners while building your personal brand. Join us on our mission to spread data fluency around the globe.

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Scale your impact to a global audience

Reach an audience of over 12,140,000 Data Science and Analytics learners! 

Grow your professional network

Learn, connect and engage with over 400+ DataCamp Instructors and industry-leading experts in our community.

Build your brand and make your mark

With a variety of opportunities and options for content creation and DataCamp media events, you can solidify your status as a Data Science subject matter expert. 

Hear What Our Instructors Have to Say

Instructor Testimonials


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"Having the ability to create content that I'm passionate about and sharing it with millions of learners has been a rewarding and valuable experience."

"It was a great experience and I would like to thank my team for their incredible work and support throughout development."

"Throughout the course development process, all members of the DC team were very helpful in onboarding me, answering my questions, and assisting me with course creation and review."

"I loved the audition process. It gave me a good idea of what building the course would actually be like, and having the opportunity to receive and respond to feedback was a great experience."

Getting Started

Audition Process Overview

Learn More About Our Content Audition Process

Get an in-depth guide on what it takes to successfully complete our audition process and become a DataCamp Instructor.

Course Development Process Overview

Discover How We Create Industry-Leading Content

Take a peek behind the scenes and gain insights into how we make magic happen! 



Why DataCamp?

Behind every great DataCamp course are the passionate folks who built it. We decided early on that the best way for us to maximize value for our learners is to build courses in partnership with top companies and experts in the data science and analytics community. We've worked with with the biggest names in data science, including package creators, published authors, and thought leaders from industry and academia.

Who makes a great DataCamp instructor?

DataCamp instructors are subject matter experts in data science and analytics with a passion for teaching. They take great pleasure in demystifying complex topics, and making them accessible to beginners through clear communication and storytelling. Although we work closely with our instructors to support them throughout the course development process, they take ownership over their work and take pride in the details.

Who will have access to my course?

DataCamp reaches more than 12 million learners in over 180 countries. Every one of these people will have access to the first chapter of your course for free, so they can try before they buy. The remainder of your course will be available to thousands of loyal DataCamp subscribers who pay a low monthly subscription for access to our entire course library.

How do I apply to become an instructor, and what's the audition process like?

You can start by checking out our current Content Wishlist! This is maintained and regularly updated with the content we're currently hiring for. Links to our applications can be found directly on the wishlist and may be unique for the specific course you're interested in. You can learn more about our audition process here

How long does it take to create a course?

The amount of time required for course development varies depending on the individual course and planned structure. As a rule of thumb, we suggest you set aside 10-15 hours per week over 10-12 weeks to get everything done.

What are some other opportunities to create content with DataCamp?

While courses have been our primary focus, we have additional opportunities that you can explore with us, including projects, blogs, live training, and much more! 

What is the compensation for creating a course with DataCamp?

We have two different compensation models, which include Rev-Share and Content Completion. The compensation model is pre-determined by the content type and is discussed in more detail during the contracting stage of the process if selected as the instructor for the course.  It is important to note that compensation for our courses varies by course and takes a number of factors into account. 

Is it required to teach in English, which is the primary language used on DataCamp?

At this time, all of our courses are created in English, however as of September 2023, DataCamp has prioritized providing content in Spanish to improve and expand accessibility to our non-English speaking learners. 

Still have questions?

Send us an email at [email protected].