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Level up your data skills by learning Power BI.  Power BI is a powerful tool that helps you analyze data and turn it into immersive visual representations, showcasing your work at its best.

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Recommended Power BI Courses

With Power BI skills in your technical tool bag, you can advance your career in any number of industries. You can also kick-start a brand new career in business intelligence or start your own business, knowing you’ll have the data analysis and visualization skills you need to show others what you’re achieving.


Data Modeling in Power BI

About this course

Learn the basic elements of data modeling using Power BI. This course explores data cleaning, shaping, and loading techniques. Using real-world datasets, you’ll get to see your new skills in action while learning best practices.

6 hours

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DAX in Power BI

About this course

This course will take you beyond the fundamentals, teaching you how to develop custom functions in Power BI's formula language. DAX allows you to have complete control over your visualizations and reports. You'll get the option to examine complex DAX features later in the course, which is suitable for inexperienced DAX users.


Introduction to Power BI

About this course

Gain an overview of how to explore and use Power BI to build visually impactful reports.


Data Visualization in Power BI

About this course

Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool that can be used in reports and dashboards.


Data Analysis in Power BI

About this course

Enhance your reports with Power BI's Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). Learn what EDA is for Power BI and how it can help you extract insights from your data.

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Why Learn Power BI?


young professionals visualizing data

Power BI is the industry-leading business intelligence platform, and one of the most popular data analysis and visualization tools in the world. As demand for data and business analysts grows, so does the need for data analysis skills across a variety of job functions. 

Whatever your position or specialty, Power BI allows you to import, model, prepare, and visualize data to support your data-driven decision making and storytelling. You don't need advanced programming skills, but you can quickly build on your existing Microsoft Office knowledge to find new ways to uncover hidden trends and harness the power of your organization's data.  

Getting started is simple - our 4-hour Introduction to Power BI gives you an overview of the tool and its capabilities. You'll learn how to load datasets from multiple sources, create your first graphs, and find out how to use Power Query Editor. You'll also learn how to create data visualizations within Power BI to bring your reports to life. 

young professionals visualizing data

Learning Power BI at DataCamp


Woman learning Power Bi

DataCamp’s online training makes learning Power BI immersive and fun. Plus, you can learn at your own speed from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Power BI is designed to be intuitive for new users, but mastering the complexities and becoming a proficient Power BI user is a little more difficult. DataCamp has you covered. Our range of Power BI courses and skill tracks give you the skills you need to power up your data analysis and visualization prowess - concept by concept and course by course. 

With courses designed for absolute beginners as well as seasoned pros, it doesn’t matter if you’ve barely mastered a pie chart or if you’ve been crafting presentations in your sleep.

Each DataCamp Power BI course is taught by our own in-house instructors, professionals who have been wielding and modeling data for years. When you learn Power BI with DataCamp, you’re not just learning from anyone: you’re learning from the experts.

Find out why nine million learners and companies including Google, Uber, and PayPal all choose DataCamp.

Woman learning Power Bi

Don’t just take our word for it.

Get Started With Power BI?

If you're new to Power BI, start here with our most popular course for beginners.

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How Can I Demonstrate My Skills in Power BI?

If you complete any Power BI course or skill track with DataCamp, we'll send you a statement of achievement: proof that you met our standards and powered up your data-wrangling and visualization knowledge.

DataCamp is known as one of the best ways to learn data analysis skills and techniques. You can be proud to list your Power BI statement of achievement on your CV or post it directly from your DataCamp account to your LinkedIn profile.

Major multinational companies trust us to train and upskill their employees, so you know your DataCamp statement of achievement is a worthy accomplishment.

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A Practical Power BI Learning Method That Works

Learning Power BI with DataCamp means learning from the best. Our Power BI experts are also skilled educators who make learning real-world Power BI skills engaging and immersive.

After you select an individual Power BI course or skill track, you’ll find the course’s contents broken down into well-organized topics and subtopics.

In each Power BI learning session, your instructor will explore a specific concept, skill, or challenge in Power BI. Then, you’ll learn how to use the platform to get the results you’re looking for. 

You can combine your Power BI course with our useful blog posts and expert-led tutorials to help you solve specific problems or just expand your skill set further.

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All the Power BI Resources You Need

DataCamp has Power BI resources to keep your learning journey on track. With more than nine million learners worldwide, our bustling community is also on hand to support you.

DataCamp’s range of Power BI resources include:

  • Webinars and live training sessions
  • Power BI Tutorials and Cheat Sheets
  • Data trends and predictions
  • Case studies
  • And more

Whether you’re creating your first-ever report with Power BI or you’re grappling with granularity levels, DataCamp has you covered.

Power BI Tutorials

Your Power BI Instructors

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Lis Sulmont

Lis holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from McGill University. Apart from being a DataCamp instructor, she is overseeing the development of the DataCamp Workspace.See full Bio

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Learn Power BI FAQs

What is the Microsoft Power BI service?

Microsoft Power BI is a business platform providing non-technical business users with tools for analyzing, visualizing, and sharing data with each other. The interface is fairly versatile due to its integration into other Microsoft products and requires only a small amount of training.

Is Power BI hard to learn?

Power BI is not hard to learn. It was designed to be user-friendly and is simple for new learners to get started with. Power BI also has many advanced features for the more experienced users; these may be more difficult to grasp without previous experience, but can be learned in time. DataCamp's course, an Introduction to Power BI, is a great way to get started on the right track.

How long does it take to learn Power BI?

6 hours to 6 weeks. DataCamp's introductory course is only 6 hours long, but it will require additional time and practice to master all the data visualization techniques that Power BI offers.

When should you not use Power BI?

When you have very large data sources. Power BI is not designed for use with massive data sets, and thus would not be your best option for managing them. You may experience issues with connecting and importing the data, as well as slow performance and lagging. 

Does Power BI have a data limit?

There is a 1 GB limit per dataset that can be imported into Power BI desktop. Workspaces that are in a Power BI Premium capacity, however, can import up to 10GB per dataset. 

Why should I learn Power BI?

It is an incredibly powerful tool for data visualization. It is also easy to use, share, and understand. It has the same base as other platforms like Power Query. So, if you have experience with DAX already, you’ll be able to start shaping and visualizing your data without learning an entirely new coding language.

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