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AWS courses

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Introduction to AWS Boto in PythonIntroduction to AWSStreaming Data with AWS Kinesis and LambdaAWS Cloud Technology and ServicesAWS Security and Cost Management

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A/B Testing in PythonARIMA Models in PythonAdvanced Deep Learning with KerasAdvanced NLP with spaCyAnalyzing Financial Statements in PythonAnalyzing IoT Data in PythonAnalyzing Marketing Campaigns with pandasAnalyzing Police Activity with pandasAnalyzing Social Media Data in PythonAnalyzing Survey Data in PythonAnalyzing US Census Data in PythonAnomaly Detection in PythonBayesian Data Analysis in PythonBiomedical Image Analysis in PythonBond Valuation and Analysis in PythonBuilding Chatbots in PythonBuilding Dashboards with Dash and PlotlyBuilding Recommendation Engines in PythonCase Studies in Statistical ThinkingCase Study: School Budgeting with Machine Learning in PythonCleaning Data in PythonCluster Analysis in PythonCredit Risk Modeling in PythonCustomer Analytics and A/B Testing in PythonCustomer Segmentation in PythonData Manipulation with pandasData Privacy and Anonymization in PythonData Structures and Algorithms in PythonData Types in PythonDealing with Missing Data in PythonDesigning Machine Learning Workflows in PythonDeveloping LLM Applications with LangChainDeveloping Python PackagesDimensionality Reduction in PythonDiscrete Event Simulation in PythonETL and ELT in PythonEnd-to-End Machine LearningEnsemble Methods in PythonExperimental Design in PythonExploratory Data Analysis in PythonExtreme Gradient Boosting with XGBoostFeature Engineering for Machine Learning in PythonFeature Engineering for NLP in PythonFinancial Forecasting in PythonFinancial Trading in PythonFoundations of Inference in PythonFoundations of Probability in PythonFraud Detection in PythonGARCH Models in PythonGeneralized Linear Models in PythonHR Analytics: Predicting Employee Churn in PythonHyperparameter Tuning in PythonHypothesis Testing in PythonImage Modeling with KerasImage Processing in PythonImporting and Managing Financial Data in PythonImproving Your Data Visualizations in PythonInteractive Data Visualization with BokehIntermediate Data Visualization with SeabornIntermediate Importing Data in PythonIntermediate Network Analysis in PythonIntermediate Predictive Analytics in PythonIntermediate PythonIntermediate Python for DevelopersIntermediate Python for FinanceIntermediate Regression with statsmodels in PythonIntroduction to Data EngineeringIntroduction to Data Science in PythonIntroduction to Data Visualization with MatplotlibIntroduction to Data Visualization with Plotly in PythonIntroduction to Data Visualization with SeabornIntroduction to Databases in PythonIntroduction to Deep Learning in PythonIntroduction to Deep Learning with KerasIntroduction to Financial Concepts in PythonIntroduction to Functions in PythonIntroduction to Importing Data in PythonIntroduction to LLMs in PythonIntroduction to Linear Modeling in PythonIntroduction to MongoDB in PythonIntroduction to Natural Language Processing in PythonIntroduction to Network Analysis in PythonIntroduction to NumPyIntroduction to Object-Oriented Programming in PythonIntroduction to Optimization in PythonIntroduction to Portfolio Analysis in PythonIntroduction to Portfolio Risk Management in PythonIntroduction to Predictive Analytics in PythonIntroduction to PythonIntroduction to Python for DevelopersIntroduction to Python for FinanceIntroduction to Regression with statsmodels in PythonIntroduction to Statistics in PythonIntroduction to TensorFlow in PythonIntroduction to Testing in PythonJoining Data with pandasLinear Classifiers in PythonMachine Learning for Finance in PythonMachine Learning for Marketing in PythonMachine Learning for Time Series Data in PythonMachine Learning with Tree-Based Models in PythonMachine Translation with KerasManipulating Time Series Data in PythonMarket Basket Analysis in PythonMarketing Analytics: Predicting Customer Churn in PythonModel Validation in PythonMonitoring Machine Learning in PythonMonte Carlo Simulations in PythonNatural Language Processing with spaCyObject-Oriented Programming in PythonPandas Joins for Spreadsheet UsersParallel Programming with Dask in PythonPerforming Experiments in PythonPracticing Coding Interview Questions in PythonPracticing Machine Learning Interview Questions in PythonPracticing Statistics Interview Questions in PythonPredicting CTR with Machine Learning in PythonPreprocessing for Machine Learning in PythonPython ToolboxPython for MATLAB UsersPython for R UsersPython for Spreadsheet UsersQuantitative Risk Management in PythonRecurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) for Language Modeling with KerasRegular Expressions in PythonReinforcement Learning with Gymnasium in PythonReshaping Data with pandasSampling in PythonSentiment Analysis in PythonSoftware Engineering Principles in PythonSpoken Language Processing in PythonStatistical Simulation in PythonStatistical Thinking in Python (Part 1)Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 2)Streamlined Data Ingestion with pandasSupervised Learning with scikit-learnSupply Chain Analytics in PythonSurvival Analysis in PythonTime Series Analysis in PythonUnsupervised Learning in PythonVector Databases for Embeddings with PineconeVisualizing Geospatial Data in PythonVisualizing Time Series Data in PythonWeb Scraping in PythonWinning a Kaggle Competition in PythonWorking with Categorical Data in PythonWorking with Dates and Times in PythonWorking with Geospatial Data in PythonWorking with Hugging FaceWriting Efficient Code with pandasWriting Efficient Python CodeWriting Functions in Python

R courses

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A/B Testing in RARIMA Models in RAnalyzing Social Media Data in RAnalyzing Survey Data in RAnalyzing US Census Data in RBayesian Modeling with RJAGSBayesian Regression Modeling with rstanarmBond Valuation and Analysis in RBuilding Dashboards with flexdashboardBuilding Dashboards with shinydashboardBuilding Response Models in RBuilding Web Applications with Shiny in RBusiness Process Analytics in RCase Studies: Building Web Applications with Shiny in RCase Studies: Network Analysis in RCase Study: Analyzing City Time Series Data in RCase Study: Exploratory Data Analysis in RCategorical Data in the TidyverseChIP-seq with Bioconductor in RChoice Modeling for Marketing in RCleaning Data in RCluster Analysis in RCommunicating with Data in the TidyverseCredit Risk Modeling in RData Manipulation with data.table in RData Manipulation with dplyr Dealing With Missing Data in RDefensive R ProgrammingDeveloping R PackagesDifferential Expression Analysis with limma in RDimensionality Reduction in REquity Valuation in RExperimental Design in RExploratory Data Analysis in RFactor Analysis in RFeature Engineering in RFinancial Trading in RForecasting Product Demand in RForecasting in RFoundations of Functional Programming with purrrFoundations of Inference in RFoundations of Probability in RFraud Detection in RFundamentals of Bayesian Data Analysis in RGARCH Models in RGeneralized Linear Models in RHR Analytics: Exploring Employee Data in RHR Analytics: Predicting Employee Churn in RHandling Missing Data with Imputations in RHierarchical and Mixed Effects Models in RHyperparameter Tuning in RHypothesis Testing in RImporting and Managing Financial Data in RInference for Categorical Data in RInference for Linear Regression in RInference for Numerical Data in RInteractive Data Visualization with plotly in RInteractive Maps with leaflet in RIntermediate Data Visualization with ggplot2Intermediate Functional Programming with purrrIntermediate Importing Data in RIntermediate Interactive Data Visualization with plotly in RIntermediate Portfolio Analysis in RIntermediate RIntermediate R for FinanceIntermediate Regression in RIntermediate Regular Expressions in RIntroduction to Anomaly Detection in RIntroduction to Bioconductor in RIntroduction to Data Visualization with ggplot2Introduction to Importing Data in RIntroduction to Natural Language Processing in RIntroduction to Portfolio Analysis in RIntroduction to RIntroduction to R for FinanceIntroduction to Regression in RIntroduction to Statistics in RIntroduction to Text Analysis in RIntroduction to Writing Functions in RIntroduction to the TidyverseJoining Data with data.table in RJoining Data with dplyrLife Insurance Products Valuation in RLinear Algebra for Data Science in RMachine Learning for Marketing Analytics in RMachine Learning in the TidyverseMachine Learning with Tree-Based Models in RMachine Learning with caret in RManipulating Time Series Data in RMarket Basket Analysis in RMixture Models in RModeling with Data in the TidyverseModeling with tidymodels in RMultivariate Probability Distributions in RNetwork Analysis in RNonlinear Modeling with Generalized Additive Models (GAMs) in RObject-Oriented Programming with S3 and R6 in ROptimizing R Code with RcppParallel Programming in RPracticing Statistics Interview Questions in RPredictive Analytics using Networked Data in RProbability Puzzles in RProgramming with dplyrQuantitative Risk Management in RR For SAS UsersRNA-Seq with Bioconductor in RReporting with R MarkdownReshaping Data with tidyrSampling in RScalable Data Processing in RSentiment Analysis in RString Manipulation with stringr in RStructural Equation Modeling with lavaan in RSupervised Learning in R: ClassificationSupervised Learning in R: RegressionSupport Vector Machines in RSurvival Analysis in RText Mining with Bag-of-Words in RTime Series Analysis in RUnsupervised Learning in RVisualization Best Practices in RVisualizing Big Data with Trelliscope in RVisualizing Geospatial Data in RVisualizing Time Series Data in RWeb Scraping in RWorking with Dates and Times in RWriting Efficient R Code

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AI EthicsAI Security and Risk ManagementArtificial Intelligence (AI) StrategyCommunicating Data InsightsCourse Creation at DataCampDashboard Design ConceptsData Communication ConceptsData FluencyData Governance ConceptsData Literacy Case Study: Remote Working AnalysisData Management ConceptsData Science for BusinessData Storytelling Case Study: College MajorsData Storytelling Case Study: Green BusinessesData Storytelling ConceptsData Warehousing ConceptsData-Driven Decision Making for BusinessDevOps ConceptsDeveloping Machine Learning Models for ProductionExplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) ConceptsForming Analytical QuestionsFully Automated MLOpsGenerative AI ConceptsGenerative AI for BusinessImplementing AI Solutions in BusinessIntroduction to DataIntroduction to Data CultureIntroduction to Data EthicsIntroduction to Data LiteracyIntroduction to Data PrivacyIntroduction to Data QualityIntroduction to Data SecurityIntroduction to GCPIntroduction to StatisticsLLMOps ConceptsLarge Language Models (LLMs) ConceptsLarge Language Models for BusinessMLOps ConceptsMLOps Deployment and Life CyclingMLOps for BusinessMachine Learning for BusinessMarketing Analytics for BusinessMonetizing Artificial IntelligenceMonitoring Machine Learning ConceptsProgramming Paradigm ConceptsResponsible AI Data ManagementResponsible AI PracticesStreaming ConceptsUnderstanding Artificial IntelligenceUnderstanding Cloud ComputingUnderstanding Data EngineeringUnderstanding Data ScienceUnderstanding Data VisualizationUnderstanding Digital Transformation Understanding GDPRUnderstanding Machine LearningUnderstanding Modern Data Architecture

dbt courses

BigQuery projects

Databricks projects

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PyTorch projects

Python projects

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A Network Analysis of Game of ThronesAnalyze Your Runkeeper Fitness DataAnalyze Your Stock Portfolio for Risks and ReturnsAnalyzing Car Reviews with LLMsAnalyzing Crime in Los AngelesAnalyzing Customer Support CallsAnalyzing Flight Delays and CancellationsAnalyzing Online Sports RevenueAnalyzing River Thames Water LevelsAnalyzing TV DataAssessing Customer Churn Using Machine LearningBuilding Core Sign-Up Functions to Help Validate New UsersBuilding Financial ReportsBuilding RAG Chatbots for Technical DocumentationBuilding a Calorie Intake CalculatorBuilding a Retail Data PipelineBuilding a Retail Inventory Management SystemBuilding an E-Commerce Clothing Classifier Model with KerasClassify Song Genres from Audio DataCleaning Bank Marketing Campaign DataClustering Antarctic Penguin SpeciesCombating Subscriber Churn with Targeted MarketingCompare Baseball Player Statistics using VisualizationsComparing Cosmetics by IngredientsComparing Search Interest with Google TrendsConsolidating Employee DataCreating Functions to Register App UsersCustomer Analytics: Preparing Data for ModelingData-Driven Product Management: Conducting a Market AnalysisDebugging a Sales Data WorkflowDetect Traffic Signs with Deep LearningDisney Movies and Box Office SuccessDr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of HandwashingExamining the History of Lego SetsExploring Airbnb Market TrendsExploring Experimental Design in the Energy FieldExploring NYC Public School Test Result ScoresExploring the Evolution of LegoExploring the History of LegoFacial Recognition with Supervised LearningFind Movie Similarity from Plot SummariesFood Image Classification with Hugging FaceFrom Data to Dollars - Predicting Insurance ChargesGenerating Keywords for Search CampaignsGetting a Good Night's SleepHypothesis Testing in HealthcareHypothesis Testing with Men's and Women's Soccer MatchesImage Processing for Object Detection ModelsInspecting Electric Vehicle Charging TrendsInterstellar Delivery: Mastering Datetime in PythonInvestigating Netflix MoviesMobile Games A/B Testing with Cookie CatsModeling Car Insurance Claim OutcomesMonitoring A Financial Fraud Detection ModelPerforming a Code ReviewPredicting Credit Card ApprovalsPredicting Movie Rental DurationsPredicting Temperature in LondonPredictive Modeling for AgricultureReal-time Insights from Social Media DataRecreating John Snow's Ghost MapTaxi Route Optimization with Reinforcement LearningTech Talent Recruiting with RegexThe Android App Market on Google PlayThe Android App Market on Google PlayTime Series Analysis for TransportationTopic Analysis of Clothing Reviews with EmbeddingsVisualizing the History of Nobel Prize WinnersWhat Makes a Good Book?What and Where are the World's Oldest BusinessesWhat's in an Avocado Toast: A Supply Chain AnalysisWhich Debts Are Worth the Bank's Effort?Word Frequency in Moby DickWriting Functions for Product Analysis

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Building Trust Through Data with Prukalpa Sankar, Co-Founder of AtlanSeeing the Data Layer Through Spatial Computing with Cathy Hackl and Irena CroninLearning & Memory, For Brains & AI, with Kim Stachenfeld, Senior Research Scientist at Google DeepMind The History of Data and AI, and Where It's Headed with Cristina Alaimo, Assistant Professor at Luiss Guido Carli UniversityWhat is AIOps? With Assaf Resnick, Co-Founder & CEO of BigPandaTrust and Regulation in AI with Bruce Schneier, Internationally Renowned Security TechnologistEffective Data Engineering with Liya Aizenberg, Director of Data Engineering at AwayMonetizing Data & AI with Vin Vashishta, Founder & AI Advisor at V Squared, & Tiffany Perkins-Munn, MD & Head of Data & Analytics at JPMCData Driven Venture Capital with Andre Retterath, Partner at Earlybird VCThe Venture Mindset with Ilya Strebulaev, Economist Professor at Stanford Graduate School of BusinessThe 2nd Wave of Generative AI with Sailesh Ramakrishnan & Madhu Iyer, Managing Partners at Rocketship.vcData & AI Trends in 2024, with Tom Tunguz, General Partner at Theory VenturesHow a Chief AI Officer Works with Philipp Herzig, Chief AI Officer at SAPMaking Data Governance Fun with Tiankai Feng, Data Strategy & Data Governance Lead at ThoughtWorksThe Database is the Operating System with Mike Stonebraker, CTO & Co-Founder At DBOS50 Years of SQL with Don Chamberlin, Computer Scientist and Co-Inventor of SQLCreating an AI-First Culture with Sanjay Srivastava, Chief Digital Strategist at GenpactHow Walmart Leverages Data & AI with Swati Kirti, Sr Director of Data Science at WalmartThe Future of Programming with Kyle Daigle, COO at GitHubThe Art of Prompt Engineering with Alex Banks, Founder and Educator, Sunday Signal[Radar Recap] The Art of Data Storytelling: Driving Impact with Analytics with Brent Dykes, Lea Pica and Andy Cotgreave[Radar Recap] Scaling Data ROI: Driving Analytics Adoption Within Your Organization with Laura Gent Felker, Omar Khawaja and Tiffany Perkins-Munn[Radar Recap] From Data Governance to Data Discoverability: Building Trust in Data Within Your Organization with Esther Munyi, Amy Grace, Stefaan Verhulst and Malarvizhi Veerappan[Radar Recap] Building a Learning Culture for Analytics Functions, with Russell Johnson, Denisse Groenendaal-Lopez and Mark SternHow Generative AI is Changing Business and Society with Bernard Marr, AI Advisor, Best-Selling Author, and FuturistHow Data Leaders Can Make Data Governance a Priority with Saurabh Gupta, Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer at The Modern Data CompanyFrom BI to AI with Nick Magnuson, Head of AI at QlikScaling Enterprise Analytics with Libby Duane Adams, Chief Advocacy Officer and Co-Founder of AlteryxThe Power of Vector Databases and Semantic Search with Elan Dekel, VP of Product at PineconeHow the UN is Driving Global AI Governance with Ian Bremmer and Jimena Viveros, Members of the UN AI Advisory BoardBecoming Remarkable with Guy Kawasaki, Author and Chief Evangelist at Canva [AI and the Modern Data Stack] Accelerating AI Workflows with Nuri Cankaya, VP of AI Marketing & La Tiffaney Santucci, AI Marketing Director at Intel[AI and the Modern Data Stack] Adding AI to the Data Warehouse with Sridhar Ramaswamy, CEO at Snowflake[AI and the Modern Data Stack] How Databricks is Transforming Data Warehousing and AI with Ari Kaplan, Head Evangelist & Robin Sutara, Field CTO at Databricks[AI and the Modern Data Stack] Why the Future of AI in Data will be Weird with Benn Stancil, CTO at Mode & Field CTO at ThoughtSpot How AI is Changing Cybersecurity with Brian Murphy, CEO of ReliaQuestWhy ML Projects Fail, and How to Ensure Success with Eric Siegel, Founder of Machine Learning Week, Former Columbia Professor, and Bestselling AuthorMaking SMARTER™️ Decisions with Lori Silverman, author of Business Storytelling for DummiesAvoiding Burnout for Data Professionals with Jen Fisher, Human Sustainability Leader at DeloitteData Trends & Predictions 2024 with DataCamp's CEO & COO, Jo Cornelissen & Martijn TheuwissenInside Algorithmic Trading with Anthony Markham, Vice President, Quantitative Developer at Deutsche BankThe Future of Marketing Analytics with Cory Munchbach, CEO at BlueConicBuilding Trustworthy AI with Alexandra Ebert, Chief Trust Officer at MOSTLY AIData Storytelling and Visualization with Lea Pica from Present Beyond MeasureData Security in the Age of AI with Bart Vandekerckhove, Co-founder at RaitoWhat Fortune 1000 Executives Believe about Data & AI in 2024 with Randy Bean, Innovation Fellow, Data Strategy, Wavestone Unlocking Efficiency Gains Through Process Mining with Wil van der Aalst and Cong Yu, Chief Scientist and VP Engineering at CelonisCausal AI in Business with Paul Hünermund, Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business SchoolWhat to Expect from AI in 2024 with Craig S. Smith, Host of the Eye on A.I PodcastOptimizing Cloud Data Warehouses with Salim Syed, VP, Head of Engineering at Capital One Software


Expert Sessions: How to Break into AI in 2024DataCamp Classrooms Orientation Spring 2024Data & AI Trends & Predictions 2024How to Get a Job in DataDataCamp Classrooms Orientation Spring 202410 Guidelines for A/B TestingData & AI Trends & Predictions 2024How DataCamp Portfolios Will Help Your CareerExploring DataCamp's New Enterprise DashboardDriving Value Creation with Data Science in the Mining IndustryUnderstanding LLM Inference: How AI Generates WordsData Science for Business LeadersDataCamp Classrooms Orientation Winter 2024Data Cleaning for EveryoneCrafting a Lean and Effective Data Governance StrategyUnderstanding LLM Inference: How AI Generates WordsCrafting a Lean and Effective Data Governance StrategyHow Business Leaders Can Win with Data ScienceMoving From In-Person Training to Online TrainingImplementing A Culture To Create Data ProductsUnlocking Data Literacy by Design with GPTUnpacking the Fun in Data Governance: The Key to Scaling Data QualityFireside chat with Zach Deane-Mayer: On data science, GPT-3 and moreOpening Remarks: The Dawn of the AI EraHow Business Leaders Can Win with Data ScienceData privacy in the age of COVID-19Increasing Data Science Impact with ChatGPTBreaking Down Education Barriers with DataCamp DonatesWhat Leaders Need to Know About Implementing AI ResponsiblyDataCamp for Enterprise: Q2 2020 RoadmapWelcome to Radar 2023DataCamp 2024 Q1 RoadmapBuilding an Internal Data Skills AcademyValue Creation with the Modern Data Stack DataCamp 2024 Q1 RoadmapSuccess Metrics For Your Data ProgramGetting Started in SQLHow The Data Job Market Is Evolving in 2023Unpacking the Fun in Data Governance: The Key to Scaling Data QualityPrinciples of Building Data Profitable ProductsUnlocking the Power of Learning Personas for Data UpskillingData Literacy: A How-to Guide for LeadersBest Practices for Developing Generative AI ProductsBuilding an Internal Data Skills AcademyTips For Building An Effective Data Science PortfolioStarting Your Career in DataSetting Up Your Python EnvironmentMaking Decisions with Data & AIPrinciples of Building Data Profitable ProductsHow Top Universities Teach Data ScienceGetting Started With DatabricksImplementing A Culture To Create Data ProductsHow to Win a DataCamp CompetitionWhat Leaders Need to Know About Implementing AI ResponsiblyLive Training: Solving an HR Analytics Case Study with Power BI8 Rules for Better Data StorytellingCreating Effective Graphs8 Rules for Better Data StorytellingGetting ROI From Your Data Literacy ProgramAdding Value in Pharma Through Data & AI TransformationHow You & Your Team Can Learn Data Skills More EffectivelyGetting ROI From Your Data Literacy ProgramAdding Value in Pharma Through Data & AI TransformationOpening Session: A Tipping Point in Data DemocratizationLaying the Foundations: Scoping Generative AI Use Cases from Vision to Business ImpactUsing ChatGPT Code Interpreter for Data ScienceThe Art of Data Storytelling: Driving Impact with AnalyticsHow You & Your Team Can Learn Data Skills More EffectivelyChatGPT & Generative AI: Boon or Bane for Data Democratization?Understanding Regulations for AI in the USA, the EU, and Around the WorldIntroduction to Experiment TrackingScaling Data ROI: Driving Analytics Adoption Within Your OrganizationUnderstanding Regulations for AI in the USA, the EU, and Around the WorldBuilding a Learning Culture for Analytics FunctionsDataCamp Donates Celebrates International Womens’ DayFrom Data Governance to Data Discoverability: Building Trust in Data Within Your OrganizationHow to Pass the Alteryx CertificationClosing Session & AMAData-Driven Product DevelopmentGet Hired Faster with a Data PortfolioRevolutionizing Learning: Exploring the Future of Upskilling with AIRADAR: The Analytics Edition - Opening Session: A Tipping Point in Data DemocratizationGet Hired Faster with a Data PortfolioClosing Remarks: Thriving in the AI Era & AMALive Training: Using Workspace in Data AcademiesHow to Pass the Alteryx CertificationRADAR: The Analytics Edition - The Art of Data Storytelling: Driving Impact with AnalyticsRADAR: The Analytics Edition - ChatGPT & Generative AI: Boon or Bane for Data Democratization?RADAR: The Analytics Edition - Scaling Data ROI: Driving Analytics Adoption Within Your OrganizationBuilding High Performing Data Engineering TeamsRADAR: The Analytics Edition - Building a Learning Culture for Analytics FunctionsDeveloping a Data Mindset: How to Think, Speak, and Understand DataClosing words & AMA The Path to Data FluencyRADAR: The Analytics Edition - From Data Governance to Data Discoverability: Building Trust in Data Within Your OrganizationRADAR: The Analytics Edition - Closing Session & AMABuilding High Performing Data Engineering TeamsBecoming a Data Engineer with DataCampData Storytelling for Your Data PortfolioEmpowering Government with Data & AI Literacy


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