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How Chelsea FC Uses Analytics to Drive Matchday Success

Get behind the scenes at Chelsea FC with Federico Bettuzzi to see how data analytics informs tactical decision-making and driving match day success.

Nov 2022
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Key Quotes

The big analysis project we did on set piece and open-play cross-optimization brought to life a lot of match data we were analyzing. We managed to make our analysis operational and made it work on an ongoing basis as an automated process that has led to tangible success on the pitch, especially as coaches are actively using it to make decisions in training and designing the best tactical setup for matches. I'm saying it has been successful on the pitch because, in both the 20-21 and 21-22 seasons, we have seen a dramatic improvement in set-piece performance and open-play cross performance from both a defensive point of view and an offensive point of view.

We have two main sources of data. First is the event data, which is the data of every single event that happens during a game. So, every pass, every shot, every bull carry, a  clearance interception, and even red cards and yellow cards from the referee. It’s any event that is relevant in a game of football. The other source of data we get, which has higher potential, is tracking data, which provides information about players, ball positioning, and speed throughout the game at 25 frames per second. So, essentially, for each second, you get 25 observations for the ball and for each player, which amounts to roughly 3 million rows per game.

Key Takeaways


Managers have a key role role in determining which data is prioritized and how that data is used


Chelsea’s data team uses two main sources: event data, which is every relevant action taken in a game, and tracking data, which provides information about players and ball positioning.


Chelsea’s data team chooses long-term projects based on what will result in regular usage by the team and how much time they have to ensure that the project is both effective and fully-functional when it is put in place.

About Federico Bettuzzi

Photo of Federico Bettuzzi
Federico Bettuzzi

Federico Bettuzzi is a Data Scientist at Chelsea FC, one of the top football clubs in the English Premier League. As a specialist in match analytics, Federico works with Chelsea’s first team to inform tactical decision-making during matches.

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