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Tableau Certified Data Analyst

With a Tableau certification, demonstrate that you can support decision making in your organization by analyzing and visualizaing data. DataCamp will help you prepare, teaching you all of the core skills you need.

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What is this exam?

In the fast-evolving field of data analytics, proficiency in Tableau sets you apart. The Tableau Certified Data Analyst Certification is designed for professionals seeking to prove their Tableau expertise to analyze and derive insights from data. This certification demonstrates your ability to accomplish technical tasks in Tableau:

  • Connect to data sources
  • Prepare data for analysis
  • Build data visualizations
  • Publish content and share insights
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Why prepare with DataCamp?

At DataCamp, we're committed to providing you with the most effective path to achieving your Tableau certification.

  • Our curated courses cover all the core skills in the Tableau Certified Data Analyst exam
  • Apply what you learn with interactive exercises and real-life scenarios
  • Learn from leading industry experts who bring their extensive experience and insights into the classroom
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Our Process

How it works

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Learn with us

The Data Analyst in Tableau career track has been meticulously aligned with the official certification content to ensure comprehensive preparation the final exam. This track offers modules on creating insightful dual-axis and combo charts, calculated fields, and strategic application of FIXED Level of Detail (LOD) expressions, among other critical functionalities.


Ace the exam

The certification exam is facilitated directly through Tableau's website. When you're ready, head over to the Tableau Data Analyst website to take your exam. We wish you the best of luck and are confident in your success!

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Showcase your achievement

Share your achievement with your network and potential employers. Add your Tableau Fundamentals certification to your DataCamp Portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile to highlight your skills.

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What is Tableau?

Tableau is a business intelligence (BI) tool that allows you to analyze and visualize data. Support business decisions by creating dashboards to monitor your key metrics or provide insights beyond a spreadsheet's capabilities.

Who uses Tableau?

Tableau is ideal for anyone who needs to work with data, whatever the role. Tableau enables everyone to get started with analytics, even if you have no technical background.

How much does the Tableau certification cost?

The exam cost to become a Tableau Certified Data Analyst is $250.

Does DataCamp provide materials to prepare for Certification?

Yes. The Tableau Data Analyst track is mapped to the learning objectives of the official exam and prepares you to become certified. Once you’ve prepared for the exam on DataCamp, you can register for the exam on the official Tableau website here.

How long is the Tableau certification valid for?

The Tableau Data Analyst certification is valid for two years.

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