Elevate your company’s data and AI skills with DataCamp for Teams

  • A hassle-free solution for smaller teams
  • Access 450+ data courses, tutorials, and projects covering topics such as Python, R, SQL, data visualization, and machine learning
  • View employee learning activity and track progress
  • Identify knowledge gaps and create a customized learning plan for each team member
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Start upskilling your team today

With DataCamp for Teams you just need to select the number of people you want to acquire new skills, pay with a credit card, and you will get access to our entire learning library. Start with as little as 2 licenses/seats and change this at any point from your account settings. We have straightforward pricing and an easy to use admin app.

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Train in the latest trends and technologies

We offer a vast range of courses, tutorials, and projects covering data science, data visualization, data engineering and machine learning. Our product is continuously updated to ensure the content is current and relevant to the latest trends and technologies in the data industry.

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Manage learners with ease

In just a few clicks, you can invite learners to join tracks and courses, remove them if necessary, and manage their progress. Our admin app gives you the flexibility and control you need to ensure learners have a positive experience and reach their learning goals.

Assess your team’s skills

Identify knowledge gaps using skill assessments and then provide a personalized learning experience for each team member, allowing them to learn at their own pace and a level of expertise.

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Give learning assignments

Challenge your members to complete specific skill assessments and learning materials, then track their progress. Assignments can be given to your whole group or on an individual basis, and you can set deadlines and reminders to ensure your team stays on track.

Measure the impact of employee training

Track your team's progress and learning history using assignments and assessments to monitor their learning and development progress. Visualize your organization-wide skill development through a variety of performance reports. Easily track the impact of your investment and engagement levels across the business.


Start improving your employees today


What happens to my current subscription if I upgrade to a Teams plan?

If an account with an individual subscription is enrolled in a group with an active Teams subscription, then the Teams license will replace the individual subscription, and a pro-rata refund will generate for the individual subscription's remainder. 

Once a Teams plan ends, the individual accounts will retain their progress, and individuals can continue with a new subscription.

Can members pay individually?

A Teams plan must be purchased with a single, centralized payment, generally from the Teams admin, i.e. a Teams subscription with eight licenses must be purchased in one transaction.

What happens when I want to renew my subscription?

Like our individual plans, a Teams subscription will automatically renew. You can manage your subscription via your group's account settings.

What are the differences between a Premium and a Teams subscription?

Individual subscribers have access to over 450 courses and other content for their own personal learning needs.

DataCamp for Business's admins create a DataCamp group with distributable licenses for members of your organization. Admins also have access to the Group Hub with a centralized payment system and tools like reporting and assignments.

Who can buy a Teams subscription?

Anyone can purchase DataCamp for Teams.