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Creating Generative AI Applications with Amazon Bedrock

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how to get started with AWS and Amazon Bedrock.
  • Learn the workflow and steps to build a simple generative AI application.
  • Learn the principles and best practices for creating applications with Bedrock.
Tuesday August 20, 11AM ET
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Beyond using ChatGPT to help you write things, one of the most important use cases for generative AI is to incorporate its power into other applications. Amazon Bedrock is part of AWS. It allows you to build generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI. You can choose a foundation model, fine-tune it, and include retrieval augmented generation capabilities.

In this session, Farooq, a Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect at AWS, will teach how to get started with Bedrock. You'll create a simple generative AI application, and learn best practices for building generative AI applications.

Presenter Bio

Farooq Ashaf Headshot
Farooq AshafSr. Cloud Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Farooq works with software vendors to help them build products with AWS services. He has extensive experience in SaaS architectures, generative AI, and container-based microservices. Farooq was previously a Specialist Master at Deloitte Consulting and a Cloud Architect Manager at Accenture.

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