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Getting Started with BigQuery

Key Takeaways:
  • An overview of BigQuery and where it sits in the data analytics & engineering tooling stack
  • A deep dive into the syntax and structure of SQL within the BigQuery environment
  • Best practices for efficient data storage and retrieval and query optimization
Tuesday, June 4, 11AM ET
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In an era where cloud-based tools are becoming essential for data analytics workflows, BigQuery stands out as an essential tool for data professionals to master. Whether in data engineering or analysis, Bigquery offers unparalleled capabilities in efficiently processing vast datasets.

In this session, Eduardo Oliveira, CTO at DataCamp, will walk you through how to master the syntax and structure of SQL within the BigQuery environment, develop strategies for efficient data storage and retrieval, and optimize queries to balance speed, accuracy, and cost.

Presenter Bio

Eduardo Oliveira Headshot
Eduardo OliveiraChief Product & Technology Officer at DataCamp

DataCamp Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of Learning Platform. In my role, I manage the teams focused on building the technology as well as the curriculum that powers DataCamp learners' experience.

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