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Getting Started with Machine Learning Using ChatGPT

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how to implement a machine learning workflow without writing code using ChatGPT.
  • Learn how to engineer your prompts for accurate and repeatable results.
  • Discover best practices for working with ChatGPT and other generative AI tools for data science.
Tuesday May 7, 11AM ET
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Machine learning is typically regarded as one of the more advanced areas of working with data, requiring complex algorithms and statistical knowledge. Generative AI is changing that! By having your Python code generated by AI, you can be highly productive at machine learning with very little experience.

In this session Francesca Donadoni, a Curriculum Manager at DataCamp, shows you how to make use of ChatGPT to implement a simple machine learning workflow. You'll learn how to import a dataset, engineer some features, train a model, make predictions, and assess the model performance - all without writing any code yourself!

Note: Some sections of the session require a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise plan to follow along live. If you do not have one of these subscriptions, you can simply watch and learn.

Presenter Bio

Francesca Donadoni Headshot
Francesca DonadoniArtificial Intelligence Curriculum Manager at DataCamp

Francesca is an AI Curriculum Manager at DataCamp, where she works to create courses, content, and solutions for AI learning. She has a keen interest in inclusive and accessible AI-based technologies.

After graduating from Imperial College London in 2014, she earned a master's and PhD in Bioengineering at UCL. She spent two years at Northwell Health Labs in the US developing algorithms with clinical data, then returned to London to work as a Machine Learning and AI Engineer with startups before joining DataCamp.

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