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Using GPT on Azure

Key Takeaways:
  • Understand OpenAI and how it can be leveraged to summarize datasets
  • Learn how data scientists are enabling organizations to deliver self-service analytics using Retrieval Augmented Generation patterns
  • Get a better understanding of the future patterns for these technologies
Wednesday March 13, 11 AM ET
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GPT needs no introduction - since its launch it's become a wildly popular tool for generating text with many use cases for data science. GPT is also available on the Azure cloud computing platform, and if your company uses other Azure tools, then this is the natural way to access it.

In this session, Dave will show you how you can spin up a pay-as-you-go instance of OpenAI, and you’ll build a few simple applications that show the power of LLMs and GenAI against your data. You'll learn about holding conversations with AI, and using vector databases with retrieval augmented generation to avoid hallucinations.

Presenter Bio

Dave Wentzel Headshot
Dave WentzelTechnical Evangelist at Microsoft

Dave works with executives and business and IT leaders to bring ideas to market. His forte is shortening the time-to-insights and removing risk from data projects using Design Thinking and Lean principles. Dave was previously CTO at Capax Global.

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