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Become a DataCamp Classrooms Teacher Ambassador

Tell us how you use DataCamp in your classroom to get access to exclusive webinars, content, lesson plans & more. The first 50 respondents get free DataCamp t-shirts, and students who refer teachers get gifts, too!
Aug 2023

Calling all teachers using DataCamp Classrooms!

This new era of data and AI will shape future generations of professionals. By becoming a DataCamp Classrooms Teaching Ambassador, you won't just be granting your students complimentary access to DataCamp's entire platform—430+ data and AI courses, DataCamp Workspace, and more—you'll also gain entry to an exclusive, private channel on our Global Slack workspace for Teacher Ambassadors, where you'll be among the first to access and share:

  • 💥 Invitations to present at live webinars on DataCamp
  • 💥 Early access to new Learn content
  • 💥 Latest DataCamp Classrooms and Donates developments and success stories
  • 💥 Custom Workspace lesson plans, projects, and competition templates
  • 💥 Exclusive promotions, offers, and…

The First 50 Teacher Ambassadors will receive free DataCamp t-shirts

You read that right! The first 50 teachers to successfully submit the form will receive free DataCamp T-shirts to show off to all their students. This is our small way of saying thank you for joining our community and sharing your experience and opinions.

NOTE: Shipment of shirts may take 4–12 weeks, depending on your location. Please go here for a full list of countries our shipping partner can send to.

Students & Teachers who refer Teacher Ambassadors get gifts, too!

When you fill out the form, please tell us the name of the fellow teacher, student, or other colleague who first introduced you to DataCamp Classrooms in the first place. We'll reach out to that individual and send them a t-shirt, as well (while supplies last), or another gift. Not only that, we'll also enable Data Export for your DataCamp Classroom group. This Premium Enterprise feature allows you to export ALL of your students' activity on the platform into easy-to-parse .csv or .xlsx files.

How to become a Teacher Ambassador

To join, all you need to do is submit this form telling us how you utilize DataCamp Classrooms. The more questions you answer, the more likely we will be able to use your answers in a future promotion for DataCamp Classrooms!

The offer to join the DataCamp Classrooms Teacher Ambassadors is only valid for teachers who are admins on active DataCamp Classrooms groups at the time of application. Answering all the required questions guarantees entry into the Slack channel.

Let DataCamp reward you for being a beacon of data literacy at your school by making you a DataCamp Classrooms Teacher Ambassador!

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