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Learn more about spreadsheets for data analysis, visualisation, and processing. Our spreadsheet blog has tips & tricks for various spreadsheet applications.
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Data Analysis

Working with Pivot Tables in Excel

Learn how to organize rows and columns, add values, find the sum of a value, and apply filtering to select a subset of a given dataset. We’ll learn how to apply this in Excel with a retail dataset example.

Jess Ahmet

March 16, 2023

Power BI

How to Export Power BI Data to Excel

Wish you could see the data behind your Power BI visualizations? Here’s our guide to exporting Power BI data to Excel.
Eugenia Anello's photo

Eugenia Anello

August 19, 2022

Power BI

How to Transition From Excel to Power BI

Interested in learning Power BI but don't know where to start? Read this guide for step-by-step learning and resources to keep practicing what you learned
Eugenia Anello's photo

Eugenia Anello

March 30, 2022