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Which is the Best Snowflake Certification For 2024?

Discover the top Snowflake certifications for 2024 with our comprehensive guide. Find out which Snowflake certification aligns with your career goals.
Updated Mar 2024  · 11 min read

Snowflake stands out as a platform that offers robust scalability, flexibility, and ease of use. For data warehousing and cloud solution professionals aiming to demonstrate their expertise and commitment to this cutting-edge technology, Snowflake certifications are a viable option.

In the current tech landscape, the demand for certified Snowflake professionals is on the rise, with organizations seeking individuals who can harness the full potential of this cloud data platform. Whether you are taking your first steps into the world of Snowflake or are an experienced practitioner seeking to formalize your skills, a Snowflake certification can significantly elevate your professional trajectory.

This article explores some of the best Snowflake certifications available. We will delve into the nuances of certificates versus certifications, explore the various levels of Snowflake certifications, weigh their costs and benefits, and provide insights into who each certification is best suited for. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge to select the Snowflake certification that aligns impeccably with your career aspirations and professional development.

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Snowflake Certificates vs. Certifications: What’s the Difference?

The terms 'certificate' and 'certification' are often used interchangeably, yet they represent distinctly different achievements.

A certificate typically denotes completion of an educational program or course, signifying that the individual has acquired specific knowledge or skills covered in that course. A range of organizations can offer certificates.

On the other hand, a certification is a credential granted by a professional organization, validating that the individual has met a set of standards and possesses a certain level of expertise in a particular domain. Certifications usually require passing a comprehensive exam and maintaining the credential through continuous learning or re-certification processes.

A DataCamp certification (left) vs a certificate (right)

A DataCamp certification (left) vs a certificate (right)

In the context of Snowflake, both are good options for demonstrating your skills. Certifications can reflect a deep understanding of the platform and demonstrate a commitment to maintaining this expertise over time. Certificates can show proficiency in specific areas and a grasp of key concepts.

For employers, a certification can be a key differentiator, indicating that the candidate is up-to-date with the latest Snowflake capabilities and best practices.

An Overview of Snowflake Certifications

Snowflake certifications are meticulously designed to validate your expertise and proficiency in utilizing the Snowflake cloud data platform. As we navigate through the certifications, it's crucial to understand that they are structured in a hierarchical fashion, catering to various levels of expertise and specialization. From foundational knowledge to advanced skills, Snowflake offers a certification path that aligns with your career stage and goals.

One of the Snowflake Certifications for beginners - source

One of the Snowflake Certifications for beginners - source

The Best Foundational Level Snowflake Certification

The foundational level is where every aspiring Snowflake expert begins. It's designed for those who are new to the platform or data professionals who want to formalize their understanding of Snowflake's core functionalities. A foundational certification ensures you have grasped the essential concepts and are ready to apply them in practical scenarios.

1. SnowPro Core Certification

Suitable for: Professionals with 6+ months of Snowflake experience aiming to certify their expertise.

Skills covered:

  • Data loading/transformation
  • Querying with DDL and DML
  • Performance optimization
  • Semi-structured data handling
  • Cloning, Time Travel, Data Sharing
  • Account structure and security management

Cost: $175 USD.

Time to complete: 115-minute exam; preparation time varies based on experience.

Additional notes: This foundational certification is crucial for those planning to pursue advanced Snowflake credentials, demonstrating a solid grasp of key Snowflake features and architecture.

Exam details:

  • 100 questions, multiple choice/select
  • Domains include Snowflake architecture, security, performance, data handling, and more, with varying weightings.

The Best Advanced Level Snowflake Certifications

Advanced-level certifications are aimed at professionals who have already achieved the foundational certification and are looking to specialize in a particular area. These certifications are for those who want to demonstrate a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Snowflake's capabilities and are often tailored to specific roles within the data field.

2. SnowPro Advanced: Architect Certification

Suitable for: Experienced Snowflake architects with 2+ years in a production environment, skilled in SQL, ETL/ELT pipelines, security, compliance, and data modeling.

Skills covered:

  • Designing end-to-end data flow on Snowflake
  • Deploying data architectures for business and compliance
  • Optimizing architecture with Snowflake and third-party tools
  • Utilizing Snowflake Marketplace and Data Exchange

Cost: $375 USD.

Time to complete: 115-minute exam; preparation time depends on existing expertise.

Additional notes: Ideal for Solution, Database, and System Architects, this certification demands a deep understanding of Snowflake's advanced architectural capabilities and best practices.

Exam details:

  • 65 questions, multiple choice/select
  • Domains include account security, Snowflake architecture, data engineering, and performance optimization, each with specific weightings.

3. SnowPro Advanced: Administrator Certification

Suitable for: Administrators with 2+ years of Snowflake experience, proficient in Snowflake's administrative functions and ANSI SQL.

Skills covered:

  • Account management and administration
  • Data security, governance, and compliance
  • Database object maintenance
  • Virtual warehouse maintenance
  • Database performance monitoring and tuning
  • Data sharing and marketplace utilization
  • Disaster recovery and data replication strategies

Cost: $375 USD.

Time to complete: 115-minute exam; preparation time is dependent on the individual's background and experience.

Additional notes: This certification is targeted at Snowflake Administrators and Database Administrators who are responsible for the comprehensive management of Snowflake environments.

Exam details:

  • 65 questions, multiple choice/select
  • Domains include security and user administration, account management, performance tuning, data sharing, and disaster recovery, with specific weightings.

4. SnowPro Advanced: Data Engineer Certification

Suitable for: Data Engineers with 2+ years of hands-on experience in Snowflake, specializing in data movement, transformation, and performance optimization.

Skills covered:

  • Sourcing data from various origins like Data Lakes and APIs
  • Data transformation and replication across cloud platforms
  • Designing real-time data streams and scalable compute solutions
  • Evaluating and optimizing performance metrics

Cost: $375 USD.

Time to complete: 115-minute exam; preparation time varies based on the depth of practical experience.

Additional notes: This certification is aimed at professionals who design and manage data solutions within Snowflake, ensuring efficient data flow and infrastructure.

Exam details:

  • 65 questions, multiple choice/select
  • Domains include data movement, performance optimization, storage and data protection, security, and data transformation, each with specific weightings.

5. SnowPro Advanced: Data Scientist Certification

Suitable for: Data Scientists and AI/ML Engineers with 2+ years of practical data science experience in Snowflake, including model development and deployment.

Skills covered:

  • Understanding data science concepts and machine learning lifecycle
  • Data preparation, cleaning, and feature engineering
  • Training, validating, and interpreting machine learning models
  • Model lifecycle management and visualization for business cases

Cost: $375 USD.

Time to complete: 115-minute exam; preparation time will vary based on prior experience and familiarity with data science methodologies.

Additional notes: This certification is designed for professionals who leverage Snowflake for data science workflows, emphasizing practical skills in machine learning and data visualization.

Exam details:

  • 65 questions, multiple choice/select
  • Domains include data science concepts, data pipelining, data preparation, model development, and model deployment, with specific weightings.

6. SnowPro Advanced: Data Analyst Certification

Suitable for: Data Analysts, ELT Developers, and BI Specialists with at least 1 year of experience in Snowflake analytics, proficient in advanced SQL and data analysis techniques.

Skills covered:

  • Data preparation and loading
  • Advanced SQL query building and troubleshooting
  • Utilization of Snowflake's built-in functions and creation of UDFs
  • Descriptive and diagnostic data analysis, including forecasting
  • Data presentation and visualization to align with business needs

Cost: $375 USD.

Time to complete: 115-minute exam; preparation time will depend on the individual's experience with Snowflake and data analysis practices.

Additional notes: This certification is tailored for professionals who transform, analyze, and visualize data within Snowflake to drive business decisions.

Exam details:

  • 65 questions, multiple choice/select
  • Domains include data ingestion and preparation, data transformation and modeling, data analysis, and data presentation and visualization, each with specific weightings.

Snowflake Certification Comparison Table

Below, we’ve compiled the relevant data into a simple comparison table:


Target Audience

Experience Required

Skills Covered

Exam Questions



Beginners to Snowflake

6+ months with Snowflake

Snowflake architecture, data loading, querying, security



Data Engineer

Data Engineers, Software Engineers

2+ years with Snowflake

Data movement, performance optimization, data transformation



Data Scientist

Data Scientists, AI/ML Engineers

2+ years with Snowflake

Data science concepts, model development and deployment



Data Analyst

Data Analysts, ELT Developers, BI Specialists

1+ year with Snowflake

Data analysis, advanced SQL queries, data visualization




Solution Architects, Database Architects, System Architects

2+ years with Snowflake

End-to-end data flow design, architecture performance




Snowflake Administrators, Database Administrators

2+ years with Snowflake

Account management, data security, performance monitoring



How DataCamp Can Help You Achieve Snowflake Certification

Preparing for Snowflake certification requires a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. DataCamp bridges this gap with courses that are not only comprehensive in content but also rich in hands-on practice. Here’s how DataCamp supports your certification journey:

1. DataCamp Certifications

While Snowflake certifications are highly specialized, DataCamp offers a suite of industry-recognized, role-specific certifications that can be an excellent alternative or complement to Snowflake's offerings. With a comprehensive curriculum covering a broad range of topics and professions, you can get qualified with tools such as Python, R Programming, and SQL.

What’s more, these certifications, focused on Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Data Analysts, offer a cost-effective way to learn and get certified all in one place. Certifications are available for free as part of a DataCamp Premium subscription and give access to the DataCamp Certified Community.

2. Tailored course content

DataCamp's courses are designed to align closely with the skills and knowledge areas tested in Snowflake certifications. For example, the Introduction to Snowflake course covers the essentials of the Snowflake Data Cloud, from basic navigation to executing queries, which are fundamental for the SnowPro Core Certification.

The Introduction to Snowflake course can help you work toward certification

The Introduction to Snowflake course can help you work toward certification

3. Practical application

Through interactive exercises and real-life scenarios, DataCamp provides an environment where you can apply what you've learned directly. This practical approach is crucial for advanced certifications, where hands-on experience with Snowflake's features is essential.

4. Flexibility and convenience

With DataCamp, you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, which is ideal for busy professionals. Whether you're preparing for the SnowPro Core or an advanced certification, you can fit your study time around your commitments.

5. Continuous learning

Snowflake is constantly evolving, and so is DataCamp's content. Stay up-to-date with the latest best practices and platform updates, ensuring that your knowledge remains current and relevant.

6. Complementary skills

Snowflake certifications often require knowledge of SQL, Python, and data analysis. DataCamp offers webinars like Getting Started with Data Analysis in Snowflake Using Python and SQL and courses like Database Design that complement your Snowflake learning and help you build a robust skill set.

Final Thoughts

Snowflake certifications are a strategic investment in your data career for 2023. They validate your skills, open up new job opportunities, and can lead to higher earning potential. Whether you're just starting out with the SnowPro Core Certification or aiming for an advanced specialization, each certification is a step towards becoming a Snowflake expert. Choose the one that aligns with your career goals, and get ready to stand out in the data community.

To help complement your understanding, start with our Introduction to Snowflake course to grasp the fundamentals, attend the Getting Started with Data Analysis in Snowflake webinar to see practical applications of Python and SQL, and solidify your understanding of database architecture with the Database Design course. You can also get certified in role-specific fields, such as data engineering and data analysis.

Get certified in your dream data role

Our certification programs help you stand out and prove your skills are job-ready to potential employers.

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Can I pursue Snowflake certifications as a complete beginner?

Yes, but Snowflake certifications typically require at least a short-period of experience and familarity with Snowflake. If you're a complete beginner, take our Introduction to Snowflake course first, and if you're completely unfamiliar with SQL, take our Introduction to SQL course.

What is the cost of Snowflake Certifications?

The cost of Snowflake Certifications varies depending on the level of certification. The SnowPro Core Certification exam costs $175 USD, while the other, more advanced certifications such as SnowPro Advanced: Architect, Administrator, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist certifications are priced at $375 USD each.

Do Snowflake certifications expire?

All Snowflake certifications expire two calendar years after you passed the exam. You can retain your status by applying for recertification. For more details, refer to Snowflake's guide.

How can I prepare for a Snowflake job interview?

To prepare for a Snowflake interview, familiarize yourself with both basic and advanced Snowflake concepts, including virtual warehouses, micro-partitions, and Snowflake's support for ETL and ELT processes. Attaining Snowflake certifications will naturally build your knowledge in these areas, and our Snowflake interview questions guide will help you answer specific questions that may be asked.

What other certifications are available?

There are many certifications covering different technologies and career paths. Check out some of our other guides for an overview:



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