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Free Access Week | Nov 6 – Nov 12

Access DataCamp's entire platform for free, including all 450+ courses, for an entire week. No catch, no credit card required—just unlimited learning for anyone with internet access.
Updated Nov 2023  · 5 min read

What is Free Access Week?

Free week is exactly that, a free week to explore all of DataCamp’s features for zero cost.

From November 6 (8 AM EST) – November 12 (11.59 PM EST), anyone can access DataCamp Premium features with a free DataCamp account. All courses, products, and features are available in-browser, so you don’t need any additional software to access DataCamp.

Don’t have an account? Sign up here, and you’ll gain access on November 6.

There has never been a better time to start learning data and AI

The proliferation of Generative AI has sharpened the need for data and AI skills in the modern world.

Whether you’re looking to learn or develop your programming skills, take your first steps with ChatGPT, or you're a business leader looking to upskill your team to improve data-driven decision-making—Free Access Week is available to everyone.

What can you access during Free Week?

Short answer—everything. Here’s an overview of what you get as part of Free Access Week:

  • 450+ interactive data and AI courses; including Introductions to ChatGPT, Python, SQL, and more. Alongside, advanced courses in MLOps, deep learning, image processing, and much more.
  • Challenge yourself with skill and career tracks; start from zero and work your way through tailored learning paths to master some of the world’s most in-demand technologies and prepare yourself for a career in data and AI.
  • Access 100+ real-life projects, 20+ assessments to benchmark your skills, and more—all designed to help you master new skills quickly.
  • Prove yourself with Forbes’ #1 ranked data certification program. Available at Associate and Professional levels, verify your skills as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst (Associate or Professional), or Data Engineer (Associate).

Unlimited world-class education

Gain unlimited access to DataCamp’s entire learning library.

Brand-new AI curriculum

Go from zero to leveraging AI in your workflows in just a few hours of learning.

At DataCamp, our mission is to democratize data and AI skills for everyone. In collaboration with experts from Google, Microsoft, and Duolingo, we’ve developed an AI curriculum to empower more learners to harness the power of AI in their daily lives.

Whether you invest in the 10-hour AI Fundamentals Track or jump into individual courses such as Introduction to ChatGPT, Generative AI Concept, or Understanding Machine Learning, DataCamp’s interactive learning and bite-sized exercises make mastering new skills a breeze.

Dive into data science learning for all levels

DataCamp is for everyone: whether you have no prior data skills or you’re proficient in multiple programming languages.

If you’re looking for a starting point, check out our interactive course list below to give you a glimpse into our comprehensive course library:

Beginners courses:

Intermediate courses

Advanced courses

Projects to test your skills in real-world scenarios:




We're excited to see as many people as possible learning and gaining critical skills on DataCamp. Happy learning!


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