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Introducing New Data Engineer Associate Certification

DataCamp has launched a new certification for Data Engineers to demonstrate they are ready for their first role!
May 2023  · 3 min read

On the heels of celebrating two years of certifying Data Analysts and Data Scientists, we are excited to announce that we are now expanding DataCamp Certification to Data Engineers!

Like our other certifications, the Data Engineer Associate Certification, aimed at anyone working towards their first job as a Data Engineer, was designed in partnership with industry experts. All of whom have extensive experience in hiring data engineers across a range of industries.

And we didn’t stop there. All of the exam content is authored by working data engineers, so you can be sure you are being tested on the same things you will be doing in the role.

What skills does an entry-level data engineer need?

All of our experts were in agreement when it came to the skills new data engineers require. You need to be competent in data management in SQL and Python and be a confident Python programmer. You will also need to have a basic understanding of exploratory analysis to support the work of other data professionals effectively.

DEA Specifications

Our first fully automated certification!

To earn this certification, you will need to pass three exams. The first exam will test data management in SQL as well as the theory elements and your knowledge of exploratory analysis. The second exam will focus on data management in Python and programming for data engineering.

All of our timed exams use adaptive assessment technology so that we can learn more about your skill level in less time than a traditional exam.

Finally, you will have to complete a practical exam. You will show us that you can put your SQL skills into practice and solve a series of problems related to a real-world scenario. Your practical exam will also be graded automatically, so you will know whether you have succeeded within moments.

Data Engineer Associate Banner

How do I get started?

If you are confident and ready to get started, you can head to the DataCamp Certification Dashboard, where you can register and get started. If you are not quite ready, take a look at our fully updated Data Engineer track, which will take you from complete beginner to certification-ready.

Get started with DataCamp Certification today!

Get certified in your dream data role

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