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Introducing New SQL Associate Certification

Prove your SQL skills are job-ready with a new industry-leading certification.
Dec 2023  · 4 min read

DataCamp has launched a new certification for SQL Associates, enabling learners to demonstrate that their SQL skills are ready for professional use.

Closing in on three years of certifying Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers, we're delighted to announce that we are now expanding to the SQL Associate Certification.

The SQL Associate Certification is for anyone working in a job involving SQL or individuals who want to advance their career by verifying vital SQL skills in a data-driven world.

Designed in partnership with industry experts with experience in hiring SQL professionals across various industries, this new Certification represents a crucial step for aspiring SQL practitioners looking to build a career around a vital skill.

The exam content is authored by professionals who use SQL in their jobs, so you can be sure you are tested on the same tasks you will be doing in the role.

What skills does an SQL Associate need?

An SQL Associate typically needs foundational skills in SQL, the standard language for managing and manipulating databases. You should be proficient in writing basic SQL queries for data retrieval, understand how to structure and join tables, and grasp critical concepts like primary and foreign keys.

Additionally, you must be familiar with basic database design principles, data normalization, and the ability to read and interpret database schemas. You'll also need to be able to access data quality and perform validation and cleaning tasks to prepare data for analysis.

How should I prepare for the Certification?

Many certified individuals completed courses and tracks on DataCamp to prepare for the Certification. We recommend that you complete the SQL Fundamentals skill track.

Additionally, you can download our complete study guide here.

How do I pass the Certification?

DataCamp's SQL Associate Certification is awarded to individuals who successfully complete one timed exam (SQ101) and one practical exam (SQ501P).

What to expect on the timed exams

SQ101 is a 60-minute exam that assesses your proficiency in data management theory, data management in SQL, and exploratory analysis in SQL. To successfully pass this exam, you should be able to:

  • Calculate metrics to effectively report characteristics of data and relationships between features using PostgreSQL
  • Interpret a database schema and explain database design concepts (such as normalization, design, schemas, data storage options)
  • Assess data quality and perform validation tasks
  • Perform cleaning tasks to prepare data for analysis
  • Perform data extraction, joining, and aggregation tasks

What to expect on the practical exam

The final step in this Certification is a practical exam. The practical exam assesses your skills in data management SQL. You'll complete tasks related to a business problem and be expected to return data to meet the requirements.

To pass the practical exam, you'll need to be able to:

  • Perform data extraction, joining, and aggregation tasks
  • Perform cleaning tasks to prepare data for analysis
  • Assess data quality and perform validation tasks

How do I get started?

If you are confident and ready to get started, you can head to the DataCamp Certification Dashboard, where you can register. If you are not quite prepared, uncover our fully updated SQL Fundamentals track, which will take you from complete beginner to certification-ready.

Good luck! Get started with DataCamp Certification today.

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