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Cleaning Data in Python

In this live training, we will work on cleaning a dataset of audiobooks from
Apr 2023
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Cleaning data is one of a data professional's most important yet overlooked skills. Clean, consistent data often impacts the accuracy of a machine learning model more than a better algorithm or feature engineering. In this live training, we will work on cleaning a dataset of audiobooks from 

What will I learn?

  • Cleaning text data    
  • Working with different data types
  • Fixing null values


Data Cleaning Tutorial

Data cleaning is a very basic building block of data science. Learn the importance of data cleaning and how to use python and carry out the process.
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

16 min


A Beginner’s Guide to Data Cleaning in Python

Explore the principles of data cleaning in Python and discover the importance of preparing your data for analysis by addressing common issues such as missing values, outliers, duplicates, and inconsistencies.
Amberle McKee's photo

Amberle McKee

11 min


Exploratory Data Analysis in Python for Absolute Beginners

In this live codealong, you will learn the basics of exploring new datasets
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Filip Schouwenaars


Exploring Astronaut Activities in SQL

In this live training, we use string cleaning to process and analyze a database
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Justin Saddlemyer


Using DataLab in the Classroom

We’re taking a deep dive into DataCamp Workspace through the lens of teachers.
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Filip Schouwenaars


Full Stack Data Engineering with Python

In this session, you'll see a full data workflow using some LIGO gravitational wave data (no physics knowledge required). You'll see how to work with HDF5 files, clean and analyze time series data, and visualize the results.
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Blenda Guedes

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