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Exploratory Data Analysis in R for Absolute Beginners

Learn the basics of exploring new datasets in R.
Feb 2023
Code along with us onCode Along

In this live codealong, you will be introduced to the basics of exploring new datasets in R. We'll explore a dataset about customers' paths through a website to analyze their onboarding experience. You will calculate summary statistics and draw visualizations to generate insights. After the code-along, you will get access to a solution notebook to use as a future reference!

We will be using DataCamp Workspace. All you need is a DataCamp account. If you need help, read the Getting Started with Workspace tutorial. Note that members of some enterprise groups do not yet have access to use DataCamp Workspace. Create a free DataCamp account with your personal email address to follow along.

Key takeaways

  • How to use the dplyr package to manipulate data and calculate summary statistics.

  • How to use the ggplot2 and plotly packages to draw data visualizations.

  • How exploratory data analysis is used to get insights about your data.

Additional resources