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Data Science

Event Recap: Learning and Development for the Data Driven Age

We recently hosted a panel with Bloomberg and NatWest Group on the importance of data literacy, and how to go about operationalizing data skill transformation programs.
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

May 28, 2021

Data Science

Democratizing Data in Government Agencies

Government agencies have access to troves of data. In order to fully harness its value, there needs to be a committed and coordinated effort towards data democratization within and across government agencies.
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Kenneth Leung

April 29, 2021

Data Science

Storytelling for More Impactful Data Science

The ability to tell a high-quality story about data insights is hugely important for data scientists to thrive in an organization. Find out how to leverage storytelling to scale the impact of data science in your organization.

Kevin Babitz

April 26, 2021

Nathaniel Taylor-Leach's photo

Nathaniel Taylor-Leach

December 7, 2020

Data Science

Key Takeaways About Data Privacy in the Age of COVID-19

Governments and businesses exploit crises to consolidate and rearrange power, claiming that citizens need to give up privacy for the sake of security. But is this tradeoff a false dichotomy? And what type of tools are being developed to help us through th
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Joyce Chiu

May 19, 2020

Data Science

Which Data Science Technology Should I Learn?

Discover whether you should learn a data science and analytics language, such as Python or R; SQL; spreadsheets; or a business intelligence tool.
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DataCamp Team

April 30, 2020

Data Science

What The US Army Can Teach You About Data Science

Life in the military teaches you some very useful skills, traits, and habits. It also teaches you how to get started with data science by doing it.
Jason Graham's photo

Jason Graham

February 15, 2018

Data Science

10 Simple Rules for Being a Good Research Partner

These 10 simple rules will help researchers and practitioners in data science overcome the frustrations they might feel when working with each other.
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Greg Wilson

January 23, 2018

Data Science

Top 10 Breakthroughs in Big Data Science in 2017

These are the 10 biggest breakthroughs that illustrate the potential of data science in harvesting usable information from big data.
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Shradha Mukherjee

January 22, 2018

Data Science

What Exercises Do You Use To Teach Programming?

Which kinds of exercises can be used to check that students are actually learning how to program, let them practice their new skills, and keep them engaged?
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Greg Wilson

January 12, 2018

Data Science

Version Control For Data Science

Discover how to overcome the steep learning curve of version control for data science, while also taking into account best practices and recommendations.
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Greg Wilson

December 7, 2017