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Q1 2023 DataCamp Donates Digest

Discover how DataCamp Donates hit record numbers in 2023 Q1—administering over 5,400 new scholarships—enabling data science education access for people who need it most.
May 2023  · 6 min read

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Q1 2023 marked a significant milestone for our DataCamp Donates initiative in our mission to provide free data science education to individuals who face the greatest challenges in accessing these resources.

From the beginning of the DataCamp Donates program in Summer 2020 to the end of March 2023, we have donated over 68,000 scholarships to underemployed and otherwise disadvantaged individuals via our NGO partners in over 90 countries.

DataCamp Donates Partners reviewed individual applications and provided DataCamp scholarships to qualifying applicants. Applicants may be unemployed, refugees, victims of war or environmental disasters, affected by COVID-19, people with disabilities, those belonging to historically disadvantaged communities, students aged 16-26, and nonprofit research scientists working with health, environmental, and/or humanitarian aid data.

These DataCamp Donates Scholars were granted six to twelve months of unrestricted access to DataCamp's comprehensive curriculum, mobile app, certification, workspace, and other resources.

Let's take a closer look at the figures to highlight how DataCamp's contributions reached new heights from October to December 2022.

Quantitative Analysis

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DataCamp Donates onboarded 55 new partner organizations, a new record for a single quarter.

Another record: 16 of those organizations are returning partners who have proven their commitment to the DataCamp Donates and have qualified for another year of scholarships for their communities.

Additionally, 18 existing DataCamp Donates Partners were rewarded with additional scholarships for disadvantaged learners after achieving high adoption and engagement rates within the first six months of their partnerships. We salute the wonderful admins and managers, employees and volunteers alike, across organizations like the Education Equality Institute, Nia, Women in Data, Blossom Heights Foundation, and LIDE (to name a few) whose leadership and organizational skills have resulted in increased democratization of data literacy in their communities.

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In total, DataCamp donated over 5,400 six to twelve-month scholarships across these organizations, making this one of the biggest quarters for DataCamp Donates ever. So far, over 80% of these scholarships have been utilized by learners, and we look forward to continued work with our partners to ensure all of them end up in the hands of disadvantaged learners.

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The vast majority of active DataCamp Donates Scholars in Q1 2023 came from some of the most economically disadvantaged parts of the world where inflation and unemployment rates are high—mostly in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Europe made a strong showing due to our nonprofit partners who are courageously helping advance the lives of refugees who have moved there due to war or environmental disasters.

One of our goals in Q2 2023 is to reach more learners in the Western Hemisphere who are living in poverty, unemployed, and/or facing unique barriers to attaining the knowledge and careers of their dreams.


Reaching 1,200 success stories

By the end of the quarter, DataCamp Donates had resulted in almost 1,200 success stories from its learners. These include verified full-time, part-time, and freelance jobs, internships, admission or scholarships for undergraduate/graduate schools, and other awards. Congratulations to all of you and thank you for being amazing role models for our global community of aspiring data professionals!

But how can we visualize 1,200 people? For a bit of perspective, imagine seeing a sold-out performance of The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. Each one of those seats would be filled by a DataCamp Donates Scholar who has attained real-world success shortly after using DataCamp completely for free.

Qualitative Stories

Interested in learning more about the program and the seismic impact it’s having on people's lives? Check out this content from DataCamp and its Donates Partner organizations that was published in Q1 2023:

DataCamp Donates 2020/2021 Impact Report

Our first-ever Impact Report examines why the program was created during the COVID-19 pandemic and how it provided free data science education to thousands in underrepresented communities worldwide. The detailed report includes key statistics, case studies, and testimonials from program participants and partner organizations.

How I Got a Data Science Job using DataCamp and Omdena in 14 Months

Uncover the story of a data science job seeker in India who used DataCamp and Omdena to enhance their skills and land a job in the field.

DataCamp Through a Learner's Perspective

A member of the Queen’s Data Analytics Association, a student club affiliated with Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, gives their initial positive impressions of the DataCamp platform from the perspective of a busy, full-time student.

Google Developer Student Club IBA Empowers Students to Reach Pakistani Tech Giants With Help From DataCamp Donates

Our partners at the Google Developer Student Club at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Pakistan describe how the DataCamp Donates scholarships provided students with access to DataCamp's full curriculum, mobile app, Certification, Workspace, and more to land jobs at national and global tech firms right out of university.

Skill Lab: Growing with DataCamp Donates

Skill Lab is helping us educate hundreds of learners in Nepal, a country where basic math and reading literacy is still not omnipresent. Discover their learners’ content recommendations and personal testimonies about how DataCamp Donates has improved their lives’ prospects.

Aprendiendo con DataCamp: iniciando mi camino en ciencia de datos

This in-depth Spanish-language article by Emilys Dominguez of Data Science FEM provides a useful FAQ and learning guide for anyone in Latin America with a DataCamp Donates scholarship looking to get ahead!

Renewed partnership with DataCamp extends support of GBIF Data Use Club

Discover the details of our renewed partnership with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, the world’s leading repository of biodiversity data!Through the partnership, the GBIF Data Use Club members can improve their data skills and learn new techniques to work with biodiversity data, supporting the organization's efforts to improve access to high-quality, open biodiversity data.

The Environmental Impact of Digital Technologies and Data | DataCamp

From several organizations and Donates partners like GBIF, Green City Force. SOIL Haiti, Thames Estuary Partnership, Zimbabwe Flying Labs, WeAct for Environmental Justice, The Rivers Trust, Pacific Rim Conservation, Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), discover how they are leveraging data and technology to address environmental issues, and the crucial role data literacy plays

Shine and enlighten the world by DataCamp x GDSC VU

Another new partner, GDSC Virtual University of Pakistan, wrote this lovely blog celebrating its amazingly active learning community. Their learners highlight unlimited access to industry-standard tools and the potential to work on real-world projects as some of the most impactful things about DataCamp Donates.

Ayush Subedi Code for Nepal and DataCamp Partnership: Empowering Data Literacy and Career Growth

Ayush Subedi is one the volunteer managers of Code for Nepal, a nonprofit organization that focuses on advancing digital literacy and skills in Nepal His article also discusses the impact of the scholarships, highlighting the success stories of the recipients and their newfound skills in data science.

DataCamp Donates x AI Community Africa Partnership Announcement

A new DataCamp Donates Partner, AI Community Africa, aims to increase access to quality data science education among African professionals and students, thereby promoting the development of data-driven solutions to Africa's socio-economic challenges. The application form here is currently closed, but may open up again in the coming months. Please contact their admin for more information.

Workspace for Education

Did you know DataCamp Workspace, normally a $99/year value, is included with DataCamp Donates and Classrooms scholarships for free? This article by the Workspace team shows how teachers and DataCamp Donates partners can leverage this powerful collaborative platform to teach data science remotely. Workspace for Education includes features such as pre-configured environments, project templates, and collaborative coding tools that allow students and instructors to work together seamlessly. The article also includes a tutorial on how to run a hackathon or coding competition all within Workspace!

Free DataCamp Classrooms Now Available to Turkish Secondary Schools

Finally, we end our rundown with a story about DataCamp Donates’ older sister, DataCamp Classrooms. In March, we made Turkïye the seventh country eligible for free DataCamp Classrooms for their secondary school teachers and students. This blog post (Turkish language version also available here) tells the amazing true story about how two Turkish teachers reached out to yours truly before and after the earthquakes hit the country to make DataCamp more widely available to those unable to afford it in the wake of destruction. With our powers combined, we were able to make DataCamp free for any high school teacher or student in Turkïye who wants it.

NGOs: Become a DataCamp Donates Partner today!

Thank you for reading this article about DataCamp's social impact work. If you work or volunteer for a non-profit organization, consider applying to DataCamp Donates for the Q3 2023 cohort. We work with small and medium-sized non-profits, grassroots organizations, and student societies. As long as your organization has a working website or a live webpage on an official school website, you can apply.

With DataCamp Donates, there's no need to purchase or install additional software, and our curriculum materials can be downloaded for offline access. Your organization will have access to over 410 courses, DataCamp for Mobile, DataCamp Workspace, DataCamp Certifications, exclusive webinars and competitions, and a trusted partner in DataCamp.

The application takes 15-45 minutes to complete, and questions can be directed to [email protected]. Apply by July 14, 2023, and give your community the opportunity to gain new skills and improve their lives.



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