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Top 10 AI Conferences for 2024

Discover the most popular AI conferences and events scheduled for 2024.
May 2024  · 7 min read

As AI continues to grow and become more ubiquitous in all industries, it’s important to stay current with the latest trends and technologies. Generative AI, for example, was a relatively small field just last year. It is now projected to become a $1.3 trillion industry in the next ten years. While articles on how to learn AI, blogs on machine learning, and courses such as AI Fundamentals are great starting points for learning, AI conferences provide a unique opportunity to hear from industry leaders and stay updated with the latest trends.

AI conferences offer many benefits to data practitioners and business leaders. They provide opportunities for learning with hands-on workshops, tutorials, and technical sessions covering the latest advancements in machine learning, deep learning, and other AI subfields. Attendees learn about the newest tools and best practices directly from experts who have used and developed them. Outside of the technical benefits, they also provide great opportunities to develop your career through scheduled networking opportunities. 

This article will explore ten of the best AI conferences you can attend in 2024. We’ll discuss when and where they will be hosted and some of the key factors that could make the conference an ideal fit for you.  

1. Radar AI

  • Date: June 26-27, 2024.
  • Location: Online.
  • Cost: Free of charge.

From June 26-27, DataCamp’s Radar: The AI Edition will explore how AI is set to change how individuals and organizations solve complex problems. Experts from top tech organizations will cover topics such as generative AI, how leadership can leverage and transform their organizations with AI, career development in AI, and more.

The recordings of Radar: The Analytics Edition, which discussed key topics in analytics earlier this year, are available.

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2. GenAI Summit San Francisco

  • Date: May 29-May 31, 2024.
  • Location: San Francisco, California, US.
  • Cost: From $199.

The GenAI Summit in San Francisco will be a three-day in-person conference discussing applications of GenAI that top organizations and thought leaders are working on and deploying. Over 30,000 attendees and over 200 speakers will cover 20 different tracks.

This large event will provide many opportunities for learning, networking, and listening to interesting keynote discussions, all centered on the critical and growing area of GenAI.

3. SuperAI

  • Date: June 5-6, 2024.
  • Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
  • Cost: $399-$999.

If you are interested in attending an AI conference in Asia, the SuperAI conference in June is a great option. This event, which has about 5,000 attendees, many of whom are C-level executives, represents a great networking opportunity. The event also has partners from the largest AI companies in the world, like Microsoft, Google, AWS, OpenAI, and Salesforce. Save money with the Early Bird discount.

4. Data + AI Summit

  • Date: June 10-13, 2024.
  • Location: Hybrid - San Francisco, California, US, and available online.
  • Cost: $1,395-$1,895 in-person. Free for virtual admission.

The Data + AI Summit is a four-day event hosted by Databricks. It includes panel discussions, networking opportunities, and training workshops on topics such as data engineering, data governance, and machine learning. Past conference panels and training sessions are available on YouTube. Discounted tickets are available with group-rate pricing.

5. The AI Summit London

  • Date: June 12-13, 2024.
  • Location: London, UK.
  • Cost: £125-£2,499.

Over two days, AI Summit London will cover a wide range of topics, including how to use AI responsibly and its application in different industries. The summit has a long list of sponsors and thousands of guests, making it a great venue for networking with many passionate AI practitioners. Costs vary depending on access level.

6. CDAO Government

  • Date: September 18-19, 2024.
  • Location: Washington, D.C., US.
  • Cost: $499 in-person. Free for VP and C-level government executives.

The CDAO Government conference in D.C. is unique in that it focuses on applications of AI and data specifically for government organizations. This will be the 10th year of this event, and it is perfect for those who want to understand how to apply AI’s strength to government data problems safely. CDAO events in Boston and Canada are still coming up in 2024.

7. Ai4 2024

  • Date: August 12-14, 2024.
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, US.
  • Cost: $1,695. Complimentary passes available.

The Ai4 2024 conference in Las Vegas will include over 350 speakers and 4,500 attendees, with representation from over 75 countries. This three-day event provides plenty of opportunities to network, learn about AI, and enjoy the unique city of Las Vegas. This is a diverse conference with attendees from many industries, job titles, and specialties.

8. Coalesce

  • Date: October 7-10, 2024.
  • Location: Hybrid - Las Vegas, Nevada, US, and available online.
  • Cost: $850 in-person.Free for virtual admission.

Coalesce is a four-day conference that can be attended in person in Las Vegas or online. Last year’s sessions are available on YouTube. This event covers various topics, including machine learning and AI, testing, data anomaly detection, data engineering, and more. It also provides great networking opportunities for those who attend in person.

9. World Summit AI

  • Date: October 9-10, 2024.
  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Cost: From €619.

The World Summit AI conference is a large event hosted in Amsterdam. It will include keynote speakers and an expo. The conference will offer tracks on relevant topics like Generative AI, scaling startups with AI, and AI in finance and other industries. Save money with the Early Bird discount.

10. Big Data Conference Europe

  • Date: November 19-22, 2024.
  • Location: Hybrid - Vilnius, Lithuania, and available online.
  • Cost: From €660.

The Big Data Europe conference includes in-person workshops on the first day and a hybrid-style conference over the next three days. This is the 8th time this conference has run, and the agenda includes important topics in AI like ChatGPT, deep learning, and predictive analytics. This conference hosts attendees from all backgrounds from both inside and outside Europe.


Here is a final table to keep you organized. Don't forget to mark your calendar!

# Conference Dates Location Cost Free Virtual Option
1 Radar AI June 26-27, 2024 Online Free of charge Yes
2 GenAI Summit May 29-31, 2024 San Francisco, California, US From $199 No
3 SuperAI June 5-6, 2024 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore From $399 No
4 Data + AI Summit June 10-13, 2024 Hybrid - San Francisco, California, US, and online From $1,395 in-person; free online Yes
5 The AI Summit London June 12-13, 2024 London, UK £125 to £2,499 No
6 CDAO Government September 18-19, 2024 Washington, D.C., US $499; free for gov. executives No
7 Ai4 2024 August 12-14, 2024 Las Vegas, Nevada, US $1,695 No
8 Coalesce October 7-10, 2024 Hybrid - Las Vegas, Nevada, US, and online $850 in-person; free online Yes
9 World Summit AI October 9-10, 2024 Amsterdam, Netherlands From €619 No
10 Big Data Conference Europe November 19-22, 2024 Hybrid - Vilnius, Lithuania, and online From €660 No

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