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Data Literacy Tutorials

Find extra resources to help upskill you and/or your team. Our data literacy tutorials will help you think critically about your data.
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Data Literacy

Data Structures: A Comprehensive Guide With Python Examples

Data structures are methods of organizing data to facilitate efficient storage, retrieval, and manipulation.
François Aubry's photo

François Aubry

June 6, 2024

Data Literacy

Google Colab Tutorial for Data Scientists

A brief guide for navigating Google Colab to carry out data science coding and collaborating with other data scientists.
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Bala Priya C

February 4, 2022


Python Dictionary Comprehension Tutorial

Learn all about Python dictionary comprehension: how you can use it to create dictionaries, to replace (nested) for loops or lambda functions with map(), filter() and reduce(), ...!
Sejal Jaiswal's photo

Sejal Jaiswal

February 27, 2023