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The majority of Chief Data Officers report that a lack of data skills and culture is the biggest obstacle to becoming data-driven. At DataCamp, we understand the unique challenges you face and are here to empower you to:

  • Build organization-wide data literacy and fluency
  • Accelerate self-service analytics
  • Maximize ROI on technology investments
  • Build a thriving data culture
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80% of the Fortune 1000 use DataCamp

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Take 3 steps to build organization-wide data literacy & fluency

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1. Identify key personas and competencies
Whether it's your data consumers, citizen data practitioners, data practitioners, or data experts—DataCamp provides interactive learning content for all key personas.

2. Build custom learning pathways
Personalization is key for data and AI upskilling success. With DataCamp, you can effortlessly personalize at scale. Start from a learning track template and enrich it with additional courses, assessments, projects, and resources.

3. Monitor program success
Track adoption, engagement, and skill acquisition dynamics with detailed analytics dashboards.

Accelerate self-service analytics

Providing your workforce with key data and AI competencies is a cornerstone for enabling data democratization and easing the burden on core analytics teams.

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Understand your organization’s data skill balance sheet

Benchmark your workforce skills across Machine Learning, Statistics, Python programming, Data Manipulation, and more. Identify strengths and weaknesses with DataCamp Skill Assessments and uncover your team’s data skills balance sheet with the Skill Matrix.

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Provide hands-on learning for every tool in your stack

From introductory Power BI, Tableau, and SQL to expert topics such as PySpark and Deep Learning with Python, DataCamp provides assessments, courses, practice exercises, and real-world projects for every technology in your data stack.

Bridge the gap from learning to application

From Data Storytelling to Deep Learning & MLOps, challenge your team with open-ended projects. Furthermore, leverage DataLab to immediately apply your team’s newly gained skills to your company's data.

DataCamp is a leader in data & AI upskilling

Maximize ROI on technology investments

Whether you are looking to maximize the ROI on your newly purchased data tooling or transitioning to the open source data and AI ecosystem—equipping your team with the essential data and AI skills is fundamental for success.

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Build a thriving data culture

Collaborate with a team of experts

From launching hackathons and challenges to finding your champions and developing dedicated webinars—we partner with you and share best practices for a vibrant data culture.

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Nurture your data community with content from industry experts

Build a vibrant community around data by adding expert-led webinars, blog articles, podcast episodes, and tutorials directly to your learning program.

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Certify your employees with DataCamp

Employees at companies with internal mobility stay 2X longer. Make DataCamp Certifications a stepping stone for promotions or career transitions.

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“We've begun to build a 'ritual' using DataCamp to set fun challenges followed by presentations for our internal data community. Using DataCamp's gamification, we were able to generate some real energy for data learning.”

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