Hands-on data and AI training for your finance team

Data is at the heart of the financial services industry — across retail banking, investment banking, and insurance. By investing in your team’s data skills, you can:

  • Maximize revenue by using machine learning to create more personalized customer experiences
  • Reduce costs by automating repetitive processes
  • Improve the accuracy and reliability of your reporting
  • Minimize risk by leveraging the latest analytic techniques in credit risk modeling and portfolio management
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Reduce costs, maximize revenue, and improve financial analysis within your business

Empower your team with the data skills necessary in the modern business environment.

Build a Data Academy
  • Collect and manage large volumes of financial and market data
  • Better inform risk management strategies and investment opportunities
  • Communicate insights to clients and stakeholders more effectively
  • Implement data governance and data quality control measures to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Monitor and update data processes and systems in line with changing market conditions
  • Ensure that your business decisions are always based on the best available data and analysis
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Get more value from your tech stack

Get better ROI on your tech stack through hands-on training and higher engagement rates. Setting up your tech stack is just the first stage; to maximize value, you need to upskill your teams to make the most of it. Train your teams on technologies such as Tableau and Power BI using out of the box tracks or bespoke learning paths and make more of your business’ investment.

Unlimited data learning for your business

Financial institutions and businesses need data training across all levels, which is why seats-based programs are often too restrictive. DataCamp Unlimited allows you to offer data and AI training across your entire business, while still providing Enterprise-level reporting and bespoke on-boarding and curriculum creation.

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DataCamp is a leader in data & AI upskilling

See our finance data curriculum

Work with our data training experts to build a bespoke learning track for your team, or choose from our 40+ specialist finance courses and projects.

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Finance Fundamentals in Python
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Applied Finance in R
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Financial Analytics in Spreadsheets
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Financial Trading in Python
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Intro to Portfolio Analysis in R
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Quantitative Risk Management in Python
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Find out how DataCamp worked with AXA XL to leverage their data for improved risk analysis

“There’s always been an interesting divide in many [insurance] organizations around the difference between an actuarial background and what I would call more of a pure data science or analytics background. In our organization, we’re bringing those two things together. We’re actually teaching actuaries some of those more statistical machine-learning techniques that they can apply in their actuarial processes. It’s not an us-versus-them anymore. It’s how do we bring these capabilities together, which is pretty exciting.”

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