Bespoke data and AI training for your consultancy

Provide more value for your clients by building data and AI skills within your consultancy. You can make better recommendations, build better processes, and deliver higher ROI through a robust data training program.

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DataCamp is a leader in data & AI upskilling


Assess your team’s existing data skills

Individual and team assessments help you understand your existing skill gaps and how you need to address them. Our experts will help you conduct the assessments and build a training program or academy to respond to the results.

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Create bespoke learning tracks

We don’t just have out of the box solutions — we can also help you to build bespoke learning tracks that respond to your individual consultancy’s or department’s needs.


Build confidence through active learning

Building skills is only half the battle — your team needs to confidently and accurately apply their new understanding of data. Active learning helps them do just that, by providing regular opportunities to apply their skills while they learn.

Upskill your entire consultancy

Seat-based accounts may be industry standard, but they also limit the uptake and effectiveness of training programs. We offer a simple solution through Unlimited, which allows you to upskill your entire consultancy — from entry-level to c-suite — without having to worry about running out of access.

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