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The DataCamp Data Maturity Assessment

Becoming a data-mature organization is more than a technology investment; it’s a multi-faceted mission that touches all corners of your business. Uncover your organization or team’s data maturity.

  • 26 questions
  • 10 minutes
Access Your Organization's Data Maturity

What is the Data Maturity Assessment?

  • Designed for anyone involved in data—whether you are a data practitioner, data leader, or learning leader
  • Based on our IPTOP framework: Infrastructure, People, Tools, Organization and Processes
  • Your organization is ranked based on four maturity stages: Data Reactive, Data Scaling, Data Progressive, and Data Literate
  • The assessment now includes generative AI and how your organization is addressing it
Assess Your Data Maturity
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The importance of data maturity

Now more than ever, organizations with the tools, processes, and culture to leverage an expanding amount of data hold a competitive advantage over those without. Data-mature organizations are naturally placed to harness AI to drive innovation and productivity and gain more value from their data.

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of leaders recognize data literacy as the most important skill behind basic computer skills — DataCamp


of chief data officers blame a lack of data culture as the main reason they are not data-driven — New Vantage Partners


of leaders agree that employees equipped with data literacy skills outperformed those without the same fundamental skills — DataCamp

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Drive your data maturity with the IPTOP Framework

There are five key pillars to consider when moving through the data maturity stages, each represented through our IPTOP framework:

  • Infrastructure: How data is collected, made discoverable, and actionable throughout the organization
  • People: Forging a data culture where everyone values data and AI and continuous learning
  • Tools: The tools uses across all skill levels to improve work with data and AI
  • Organization: How data and AI talent are organized to promote better data science
  • Processes: The workflows data and AI teams adopt to drive collaboration and business objectives
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Further data & AI maturity resources

Your Organization’s Guide to Data Maturity

Dive into the world of data maturity and how to grow across the data maturity spectrum.

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Succesful Frameworks for Scaling Data Maturity

In DataFramed, Games Kesari, Co-Founder and Chief Decision Scientist at Gramener, outlines scaling your organization’s data maturity.

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The People & Organization Component of Data Maturity

Learn why investing in your people is your most significant to improve your data maturity.

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How does the data maturity assessment work?

The data maturity assessment asks you key questions about your organization's approach to data. Simply answer the multiple choice data maturity assessment and get your results instantly via email.

How is the data maturity assessment graded?

The data maturity assessment comprises questions on your data infrastructure, data culture and skillset, tools, processes & more. Based on your answers, scores are aggregated to provide an indicator of where your organization or team’s data maturity may lie.

Where can I find my results?

You’ll receive your results via email from DataCamp once you’ve completed the assessment.

I got my results, what now?

Consider checking out the resources on data maturity outlined below—or even better, speak to us about how we can help you build your organization’s data maturity.

What do the different scores mean?

Because data is a team sport, we've divided the different maturity definitions based on how often/how many people within your organization interact with data. For more guidance, check out this guide on Organizational Data Maturity.

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