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LumiraDx provides high-quality, affordable medical diagnostics, and healthcare services to enable better outcomes in health and wellness — with hundreds of employees globally, in the UK, U.S., and around the world.

As an organization, they wanted to focus on how to achieve these outcomes in a data-driven way. When LumiraDx’s HR team was tasked by their Chief Technology Officer to increase the competency of its employees around data and data analysis, that’s why Faye Wakefield, Senior HR Specialist at LumiraDx approached DataCamp.

In this case study, we discover how LumiraDx leveraged DataCamp’s custom tracks functionality to build tailored learning plans for their data scientist and data analyst teams to equip them with the cutting-edge Python skills needed in health and wellness. They also leveraged DataCamp’s advanced enterprise reporting dashboards to easily visualize their team's online data skill development and report on the benefits to their workforce, like being able to retain and apply their newly acquired skills.

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