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Make your next move in data science

Advance your career in data with Workspace, a modern data notebook built for professional and upcoming data scientists and analysts.

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Apply your skills in a real-world setting

Workspace is designed to take you from learning data science to doing data science.

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All skill levels welcome

Starting out with your next data science project can be daunting. Which tool to use? Which dataset to analyze? Workspace provides built-in tutorials, templates and datasets tailored to your skill level so you’re up and running in no time.

  • Follow along with an expert on live trainings.
  • Pick one of 40 datasets available for instant analysis.
  • Start from one of 60 templates that give you a head start.
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Don’t waste time on setup

Stop fighting the terminal or getting the right packages in place. Every workspace runs in a fully managed preconfigured environment that boots in seconds. All you need is a web browser.

  • Code in Python or R, with SQL support, all from your browser.
  • Jumpstart your project with common packages that are pre-installed.
  • Get real-time hints as you’re coding with autocomplete and AI assist.
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Focus on what matters

Data tools should work for you, not against you. Workspace is designed to make the tricky things simple: querying data sources is a breeze, building graphs is a matter of clicks. So you can focus on generating insight.

  • Seamlessly collaborate with others in real-time.
  • Create stunning visualizations with no-code charts.
  • Review and restore previous versions with version history.
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Share your work and get noticed

Workspace makes it seamless to share your work: add your workspaces to your Data Portfolio so friends, colleagues and potential future employers can see what you’re capable of.

  • Generate insightful reports ready for sharing with one-click publishing
  • Decide who gets to view a workspace and has access to data
  • Build your data portfolio and share your unique portfolio link with others
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Build your data science portfolio

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Get familiar with Workspace

Start out with a quick tutorial to grasp the various features of Workspace. Or just explore on your own.

Complete your first data project

Start from Workspace’s curated list of datasets with hints on what to explore or bring a dataset yourself.

Curate your portfolio

Choose which workspaces to add to your Data Portfolio and build a personal data space that demonstrates your skills.

Make your next move

In the market for a job in data? Start applying for jobs with a powerful portfolio in hand.

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Advance your career in data

Start using Workspace and make your next move in data science.

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