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Your team’s best data work, all in one place

Workspace is designed for effortless collaboration between teammates. Uncover data insights together and make smart decisions.

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Built for working together

With real-time collaboration and commenting, Workspace allows you to be on the same page with your team. Increase efficiency and reduce cycle times for your data projects.

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Easy-to-use editor for everyone

Work with all skill levels and empower non-technical team members uncover insights with low and no-code tools. All common packages are pre-installed, and you can easily add more. 

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Secure team access to data sources

Workspace allows for integration with any database. Set it up once and enable access for the entire team, so there is no need to share credentials around.

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Publish insights with one click

Publish data insights easily within your shared group workspace. There is no need to use other tools to communicate a compelling data story.

How the DataCamp team uses Workspace

Workspace helps the DataCamp team collect and analyze insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

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Uncover the power of data with Workspace

Ask questions, identify trends, and gain insights, together.

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