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Data science courses

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Programming with dplyr

Learn how to perform advanced dplyr transformations and incorporate dplyr and ggplot2 code in functions.

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserDr. Chester IsmayLearncourses

Pandas Joins for Spreadsheet Users

Learn how to effectively and efficiently join datasets in tabular format using the Python Pandas library.

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJohn MillerLearncourses

Data Manipulation in Julia

Master the essential skills of data manipulation in Julia. Learn how to inspect, transform, group, and visualize DataFrames using real-world datasets.

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserKaterina ZahradovaLearncourses

Intermediate Regular Expressions in R

Manipulate text data, analyze it and more by mastering regular expressions and string distances in R.

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserBenja ZehrLearncourses

Market Basket Analysis in R

Explore association rules in market basket analysis with R by analyzing retail data and creating movie recommendations.

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserChristopher BruffaertsLearncourses