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AI Ethics

22 reviews

Explore AI ethics focusing on principles, fairness, bias reduction, and trust in AI design.

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Course Description

Get an Overview of AI Ethics

This introductory course on AI ethics provides a comprehensive overview of ethical considerations in the fast-paced domain of artificial intelligence. The course spans industry, policy-making, academia, and society at large, covering principles of AI ethics, strategies to foster fair and equitable AI systems, approaches to minimize biases, and methods to address key issues and establish user trust.

Ethical Principles and Challenges

Throughout the course, you will learn about the core principles of ethical AI and expand your understanding of common challenges and opportunities in the field of AI ethics. Through hands-on exercises, you will build your skills to craft ethical AI by design. Begin Learning today!
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  1. 1

    Approaching AI Ethics


    Understand the foundations of AI Ethics and observe some of the challenges of the ethical use of AI.

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    AI ethics: What's the buzz?
    50 xp
    Guiding principle
    50 xp
    What's covered by AI ethics?
    100 xp
    Digging deeper: AI ethics principles
    50 xp
    Identifying actions
    100 xp
    AI principles unfolded
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    AI ethics: where's the line?
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    Striking a balance
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    CineLlama Navigator
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  2. 3

    The Way Forward: AI Ethics

    Discover the value ethical frameworks present to organizations of all sizes and prepare yourself to tackle tomorow's ethical challenges with AI ethics by design.

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from 22 reviews
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  • Sharon P.
    6 months

    simple enough to understand

  • Xin K.
    17 days

    great insights and very beginner friendly!

  • Benny L.
    about 1 month

    It is a piece of fantastic work!

  • Tassanee L.
    about 2 months

    The course explains step by step, and easy to follow. The exercise is good to check whether we understand the principles.

  • Daniel C.
    2 months

    Excelent! DataCamp courses are top

"simple enough to understand"

Sharon P.

"great insights and very beginner friendly!"

Xin K.

"It is a piece of fantastic work!"

Benny L.

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