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Data Storytelling Concepts

Elevate your data storytelling skills and discover how to tell great stories that drive change with your audience.

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Course Description

Learn the Art of Storytelling with Data

People value the information data may hold and also appreciate the value of stories. Data storytelling is the art of building a narrative around the insights provided by data. It combines the intellectual and emotional in a meaningful and memorable way that leads to action, whether for individuals or within organizations.
In recent years, data storytelling has become an essential skill that involves using data insights to make strategic decisions and promote positive change. It’s a skill that allows you to communicate insights effectively, often using a combination of visualizations and a compelling narrative.

Explore Data Storytelling Examples

This data storytelling concepts course provides the fundamentals and the most effective ideas for how to be a great data storyteller. By looking at data storytelling examples, you will learn how to reveal the results of your analysis, highlight trends, and explain occurrences in a memorable way. The course encourages you to communicate compellingly, helping you promote understanding and inspiring change.
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    Telling a Great Story


    In this chapter, you will learn the importance of telling a good story and how to approach structuring a blockbuster data story.

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    Why tell a story?
    50 xp
    The straight story
    50 xp
    The very human basis for data stories
    50 xp
    Story power
    50 xp
    The magic of stories
    100 xp
    Building a blockbuster story
    50 xp
    What kind of data story component is it?
    100 xp
    Data story qualities
    50 xp
    Freytag's story structure
    100 xp

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