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Analyzing Students' Mental Health

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Use your data manipulation skills to perform exploratory data analysis on a dataset around student mental health.

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Project Description

Studying abroad can be both exciting and difficult. But what might be contributing to this? One Japanese international university decided to find out!

Use your data manipulation skills to explore the data from a study on the mental health of international students, and find out which factors may have the greatest impact.

Project Tasks

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    Use SQL to analyze data and build a project that has a specific solution, with guided tasks.




Data Management
Jasmin Ludolf HeadshotJasmin Ludolf

Data Science Content Developer, DataCamp

Jasmin is a Content Developer at DataCamp. After ten years as a global marketing manager in the music industry, she recently changed careers to follow her curiosity for data. Her passion is value exchange and making data science accessible to all.
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from 71 reviews
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  • Madiha T.
    about 2 months

    The Project helped me exercise the Sql skills I had learnt from a new perspective.

  • Matthew A.
    3 months

    Good beginner project

  • Julia G.
    1 day


  • Pascale S.
    16 days

    Good example of putting theory to practise

  • Fatima K.
    9 months

    The project included content that wasn’t taught up to that point. As I carried on with the content after completing the project I realized some of the key concepts were in lessons that appeared after the project. For future projects maybe they should be done after all the content is covered

"The Project helped me exercise the Sql skills I had learnt from a new perspective."

Madiha T.

"Good beginner project"

Matthew A.


Julia G.


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