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Assessing Customer Churn Using Machine Learning

Build models predicting customer churn for Indian telecom customers.

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Project Description

Dive into India's telecom sector to analyze customer churn. Utilize pandas and machine learning to study datasets from top telecom firms, revealing demographic and usage patterns. Predict customer retention, merging data analysis and predictive modeling to sharpen your data science expertise.

Project Tasks

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    Answer churn analysis questions.


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Dr. Chester Ismay HeadshotDr. Chester Ismay

Educator, Data Scientist, and R/Python Consultant

Chester enjoys helping others get into data science, figuring out how to best practice and improve on their skills, and working as a part-time consultant on R and Python programming projects. He is co-author of "Statistical Inference via Data Science: A ModernDive into R and the Tidyverse" available at and for purchase from CRC Press. He likes leading education and data science teams with the goal of improving best practices based on data from the learning sciences.
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