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Cajamar Cooperative Group Headshot

Cajamar Cooperative Group

Learning R is a must for data scientists today.

Cajamar Cooperative Group uses DataCamp to improve and homogenize R competencies within their group.

What is Cajamar Cooperative Group and what is the role of your team?

Cajamar Cooperative Group is the leading rural savings bank and credit union in Spain. It has 4 million customers. The Business Intelligence team is in charge of the analytics and modelling to improve our commercial offer. Our team implements different client segmentations, customer lifetime value, churn analysis and commercial propension, among others.

Your team is using DataCamp to train its members. Could you tell me why you chose DataCamp as the primary learning resource?

Our team is comprised of a very highly qualified group of people with different backgrounds; mathematicians, statisticians, engineers, economists and marketing specialists. DataCamp has been the perfect tool to improve and homogenize R competences within our group. For us it was essential to rely on a learning platform that starts from zero, is 100% hands on, and offers the possibility to work at different levels of knowledge.

We love the way our progress is shown and have the satisfaction of learning with practical exercises.

How have your colleagues felt about the learning experience with DataCamp?

The group feels very comfortable with the DataCamp learning environment. We love the way our progress is shown and have the satisfaction of learning with practical exercises, anywhere and at our own rhythm.

What has the value of a DataCamp education meant to your employees' future careers?

Learning R is a must for data scientists today.

Why is Cajamar Cooperative Group putting a focus on Data Science and R?

For us is very important to quickly adapt to the changing analytics landscape. We need to train our teams in the use of new tools to understand this evolution and to create multi-disciplinary profiles. R is a clear example of a tool that is leading this analytics transformation.

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