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Data science courses

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Introduction to Data Engineering

Learn about the world of data engineering in this short course, covering tools and topics like ETL and cloud computing.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData EngineeringUserVincent VankrunkelsvenLearncourses

Introduction to Importing Data in R

In this course, you will learn to read CSV, XLS, and text files in R using tools like readxl and data.table.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData PreparationUserFilip SchouwenaarsLearncourses

Software Engineering Principles in Python

Learn about modularity, documentation, and automated testing to help you solve data science problems more quickly and reliably.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProgrammingUserAdam SpannbauerLearncourses

Reports in Power BI

Take your Power BI visualizations up a level with the skills you already have. Learn alternative data storytelling techniques to simply building dashboards.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData VisualizationUserKevin FeaselLearncourses

Linear Classifiers in Python

In this course you will learn the details of linear classifiers like logistic regression and SVM.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagMachine LearningUserMike GelbartLearncourses

Applying SQL to Real-World Problems

Find tables, store and manage new tables and views, and write maintainable SQL code to answer business questions.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagReportingUserDmitriy GorenshteynLearncourses

Cleaning Data in R

Learn to clean data as quickly and accurately as possible to help your business move from raw data to awesome insights.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData PreparationUserMaggie MatsuiLearncourses

End-to-End Machine Learning

Dive into the world of machine learning and discover how to design, train, and deploy end-to-end models.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagMachine LearningUserJoshua StapletonLearncourses

Data Connections in Power BI

Discover the different ways you can enhance your Power BI data importing skills.

Clock2-3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserIason PrassidesLearncourses

Trend Analysis in Power BI

Enhance your reports with trend analysis techniques such as time series, decomposition trees, and key influencers.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJacob MarquezLearncourses

Introduction to Power Query in Excel

Explore Excel Power Query for advanced data transformation and cleansing to boost your decision-making and analysis.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData PreparationUserLyndsay GirardLearncourses

Report Design in Power BI

Continue your data visualization journey where you'll learn practical techniques for incorporating DAX measures and progressive disclosure in your reports.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData VisualizationUserKevin FeaselLearncourses

Working with Hugging Face

Navigate and use the extensive repository of models and datasets available on the Hugging Face Hub.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagArtificial IntelligenceUserJacob MarquezLearncourses

Introduction to dbt

This course introduces dbt for data modeling, transformations, testing, and building documentation.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData EngineeringUserMike MetzgerLearncourses

Time Series Analysis in Python

In this four-hour course, you’ll learn the basics of analyzing time series data in Python.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserRob ReiderLearncourses

Financial Modeling in Excel

Learn about Excel financial modeling, including cash flow, scenario analysis, time value, and capital budgeting.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagApplied FinanceUserNick EdwardsLearncourses

Data Analysis in Google Sheets

Learn to use Google Sheets to clean, analyze, and draw insights from data. Discover how to sort, filter, and use VLOOKUP to combine data.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJames ChapmanLearncourses

Introduction to BigQuery

Unlock BigQuery's power: grasp its fundamentals, execute queries, and optimize workflows for efficient data analysis.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData EngineeringUserMatt ForrestLearncourses

Intermediate Regression in R

Learn to perform linear and logistic regression with multiple explanatory variables.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserRichie CottonLearncourses

Cluster Analysis in Python

In this course, you will be introduced to unsupervised learning through techniques such as hierarchical and k-means clustering using the SciPy library.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagMachine LearningUserShaumik DaityariLearncourses

Data-Driven Decision Making for Business

Discover how to make better business decisions by applying practical data frameworks—no coding required.

Clock2-3 hoursTagLeadershipUserTed KwartlerLearncourses

Forming Analytical Questions

Learn how to translate business questions to well-formed analytical questions and select the right analytical solutions.

Clock1-2 hoursTagData LiteracyUserKonstantinos KattidisLearncourses

Case Study: Analyzing Customer Churn in Excel

You will investigate a dataset from a fictitious company called Databel in Excel, and need to figure out why customers are churning.

Clock1-2 hoursTagReportingUserJess AhmetLearncourses

Hypothesis Testing in R

Learn how and when to use hypothesis testing in R, including t-tests, proportion tests, and chi-square tests.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserRichie CottonLearncourses

Azure Management and Governance

Master Azure Management and Governance with our comprehensive course, ideal for data professionals seeking cloud expertise.

Clock2-3 hoursTagCloudUserAnneleen RummensLearncourses

Data Governance Concepts

Gain an introduction to data governance, exploring its meaning, purpose, and how to implement a data governance framework.

Clock2-3 hoursTagData ManagementUserCourtney E. SmithLearncourses

Intermediate SQL Server

In this course, you will use T-SQL, the flavor of SQL used in Microsoft's SQL Server for data analysis.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProgrammingUserGinger GrantLearncourses