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👋 Hi there! Jonathan here, CEO of DataCamp.

Data notebooks are usually daunting—difficult set up, too many buttons, takes ages to load. We understand the frustration because we've been there too.

Introducing Workspace: an AI-powered data notebook that's delightful to use. Our goal is to help you get from data to insights, faster. Connect a database, create plots, and draw meaningful conclusions impacting your business – all within minutes. Try it now!

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How will you use Workspace?

Whether you’re working alone or in a team, Workspace helps you uncover data insights quickly.

Leveling up my data skills

Advance your career in data with Workspace, a modern data notebook built for professional and upcoming data scientists and analysts.

Collaborating with a team

Your team's work, all in one place—designed for effortless collaboration between teammates.

Enhancing organizational learning

Maximize your team’s learning. Workspace helps your team transition from learning to doing data science.